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Notwithstanding that choice of theirs, we've offered to lease a portion of Coronet property at a nominal fee that would provide them with a yard.

Tom Stewart

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Who directed the music portion to be separated?

Jim Price

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We produce data on average wage by industry, but the portion of compensation that we haven't had (in our surveys) is benefits, We decided it was time to get on the bandwagon and do this.

Art Ayre

What Microsoft is announcing today is only a small portion of what they have planned in the future - they have big plans and we're out there aggressively collecting the imagery.

Jamie Retterath

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This year is kind of an aberration. It probably would be good for very specific investors with specific environmental screens in mind. But only a small portion of the portfolio.

Catherine Hickey

Our members build life-long friendships while their working their hearts in our facility. Once the physician-ordered portion of their rehabilitation is over, they don't want to leave; so they keep coming on their own accord.

Rick Andrews

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The essay portion is not used. It is not even given a thought. We can't use it because we have no data to compare it with previously.

Larry Waters

Perhaps this is signaling a reversal of the longer-run trend of the breeding herd moving away from the eastern Corn Belt. In 1990, 27 percent of the U.S. breeding herd was in the eastern Corn Belt. That portion declined steadily to a low of only 17.2 percent in 2004.

Chris Hurt

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Our used portion is about the same size as the old Kenilworth Junior High School.

Steve Bolman

In the last few years, the largest portion of our political contributions have gone to statewide referendums, including FasTracks, T-REX and a Jefferson County school-bond issue, among others.

Michael Dunn

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Is he 100 percent perfect? No. But he's certainly well enough to get on a plane and go to New York to do his portion of the show.

Paul Shefrin

Be on the lookout for times you eat when you're not hungry. Look at portion sizes and the balance of foods on your plate. Are you getting items from each food group, a good balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat?

Leslie Fontenot

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You have given the wealthiest [portion] of the population a break, and now you are coming before the American people and saying, 'We don't have enough money to protect the sick and the old.

Bernie Sanders

On the Coast you're going to have thousands of homeowners that want to rebuild. If the home is gone, there's nothing to elevate, so we're making the argument that they should pay for the foundation and a portion of the cost of the new house.

Gavin Smith

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This plan only covers the pond, which is only a portion of the problem.

James Glasgow

Our main agenda is to try to get the administration and Congress to try to understand that if there isn't some action immediately ... a certain portion of the trucking industry is going to be lost.

Thomas Pokrywka

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We offered more than ample evidence in my view of a lack of facilities. We would disagree with that portion of his finding.

Carl Epps

We're going to keep that portion of this bottle that we know we're going to have to keep with us forever. And from time to time, ladies and gentleman, you may want to fill your bottle back up, because you're life may be filled up with grief. But you can then take out that bottle and pour it out on any living thing.

Paul Heath

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We are 90 percent sold for 2001, and a substantial portion is sold for 2002.

Tom Williams

Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.

Robert Francis Kennedy

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