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Although the most acute judges of the witches and even the witches themselves, were convinced of the guilt of witchery, the guilt nevertheless was non-existent. It is thus with all guilt.

Friedrich Nietzsche

How dreadful it is when the right judge judges wrong!


A fool judges people by the presents they give him.

Chinese Proverb

That could reduce the population by 200 inmates, ... The judges are supposed to come in soon.

Doug Anderson

I got sick of being ripped off by judges. I wanted a sport where there was direct competition; where it was up to you.

Drew Neilson

I am innocent and I have never talked to judges in London.

Sesil Karatantcheva

We're here because unfortunately judges have failed us in some of these cases.

Mark Green

If the turnover of judges continues legal experts will begin to question the stability of the court.

Miranda Sissons

We have to remove the judges who were the spearhead of the former regime.

Cedomir Jovanovic

God's truth judges created things out of love, and Satan's truth judges them out of envy and hatred.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The poet judges not as a judge judges but as the sun falling around a helpless thing.

Walt Whitman

A lot of different things go into the mix when determining whether or not Roberts is confirmed. The Senate exerts a little more authority when dealing with judges, and the stakes will be higher.

James Mccann

The judges, who all don't want to be involved in the cases, say that the lawsuits should not have proceeded in the first place.

Ghada Jamsheer

I don't know of any employer, even if it's the NFL, who judges a kid based on whether he played in front of 70,000 or 15,000. You're evaluated based on your ability to help an organization.

Dennis Thomas

Judges are expected to live to a different standard.

Colin Winchester

The thing I found most striking in monitoring eviction cases was that judges didn't adjust anything (rent) for hurricane damage.

Courtney Anderson

We do not judge great art. It judges us.

Caroline Gordon

A lot of things can happen. Kim and Brent could really spark together and move the judges.

Robbie Kaine

I think federal judges are pretty much charged with interpreting federal cases.

Tim Thornton

We have three judges who serve Comal and Hays counties, and we're coming up on the necessity in our view for another district court for Comal County.

Jack Robinson

Human judges can show mercy. But against the laws of nature, there is no appeal.

Arthur C. Clarke

Judges aren't supposed to compromise. They're supposed to rule.

Ronald Rotunda

The agency has a mission, and the mission is to get drunks off the road. They also hire the judges. There's no way you can get around those conflicts.

Sam Fields

We're baffled by this judge's decision and we're planning to appeal.

Leeanne Mizer

No politics, no judges' panels. They are very simply a true celebration of consumer choice.

Jerome Kramer

I didn't envy the judges their task this year. Obviously the novel is far from dead.

John Banville

We are very pleased with the judge's decision and are hopeful that the defendants can now concentrate on helping to educate students about science.

Christopher Patti

Judges do all talk together. It's a small community here.

Rosalyn Higgins

The Syrian investigation is too little, too late. It lacks credibility, as all the judges will be appointed by the state. It would have been better to use independent judges or international advisors.

Sami Moubayed

I've been in a court before and observed, but I never went up to the judge. I'm getting more interaction with judges and everything.

Danielle Jones

The DOD will be complying with the judge's decision in this matter.

Jeffrey Gordon

Do it right and include the judges.

Bruce Smith

That's why we've got judges, we've got trials, we've got people who make decisions (about) what goes on in court, ... I'm not worried about anything. That's something for them to handle.

Sean Taylor

There are federal judges who have ruled elsewhere in the U.S. the exact opposite of the way this federal judge has, ... this case only affects the area of California in which he [the judge] sits.

Andrew Napolitano

We are really pleased with the judge's order.

Tom Burt

We all know how crucial the crowd is when the judges are down on the floor and somebody does a routine and 10,000 fans scream and react to it. It's hard for everyone to not get caught up in that. Everyone builds on that and the athletes feed on that. It really is an advantage.

Rhonda Faehn

The more one judges, the less one loves.

Honore De Balzac

I am shocked. I have not appeared before judges of the international federation.

Sesil Karatantcheva

It's not without basis to say that the Court of Appeals is the preferred place for Microsoft, ... But normally on fact finding, appeals judges give great deference to a lower court.

Robert Litan

The law has changed, but you don't see it yet in the courts when verdicts are handed out. Judges don't always follow the new laws, they follow their own feelings too.

Naime Kardas

It's the judge's discretion what to do. It's impossible to predict what will happen. Is extending the bargaining possible? Yes.

Will Holman

The judge's ruling (Thursday) speaks for itself. I have no further comment at this time.

Mike Farrell

We're going to distribute the funds from both allocations to county judges who have set up committees to focus on the individual needs and help distribute the funds.

Jim Allison

The quality of this show is really good. All judges complain about that, and Carlene came in a couple times to soak up the design.

Brian Riggs

I definitely thought Billy won, but, I guess the judges saw it a different way.

Brad Wick

Them judges don't make many mistakes.

Tony Crismon

I don't care who or what judges me, nothing's going to stop me from living my life how I choose.

Amanda Holden

The next time these will be my judges. I will have to knock out guys, I guess to win.

Blake Prevost

That's for the voters to decide. The voters like to elect judges who don't get overturned on appeal. As a judge, you try to follow the law.

Will Harrison

The issues we care about are so broad ... the judges and coalitions will vary depending on the issue. That is why it's hard to pigeonhole people (as pro or anti-business). What we're interested in is somebody who is going to apply the law to the facts as they understand them. That's all we can really ask for.

Stanton Anderson

There will be judges and candidates' delegates in the voting centers, and it would be chaotic to let more people in.

Ahmed Nazif

Freewill means that the Universe never judges, never interferes with your own choices - and sees you as a being of equal creative power.

Joy Page

Attorneys, judges and business people have been quite enthusiastic about the concept, and we have exceeded our expectations in the amount of business that we are doing.

Mark Callaway

We are duty bound to protect our judges' integrity and the legal system.

Louis Butler

Most lawyers are very deferential to judges, whether they like it or not, because they have to practice in front of them, ... David was never afraid to tell me about something that I had done that he didn't agree with.

Frank Conley

I called some people up and judges were willing to spend the time here.

Kathy Garibay

It will be a nice way to fund-raise and then the judges will judge on the best-tasting chili.

Rita Johnson

[Unlike football, there are no polls.] That's one good thing about swimming, ... Only the clock judges you. There's no computer error.

Klete Keller

It's a terrible situation when the best I can say for some of these judges is that they're incompetent. Because the other alternative if they're not incompetent is that they're corrupt.

Teddy Atlas

All judges come with certain beliefs and life experiences and things like that. You have to be able to set those things aside and decide cases based upon the law and the facts that are before you.

Dean Colson

As some judges see it, the drunk driver does not have the intent to hurt or kill that a man with a gun has. I think it's worse because the drunk driver has a careless disregard for life.

Larry Knight

Right now, we're getting judges for next year's show.

Audrey Johnson

I find that some people are intimidated by judges and are sometimes afraid to talk to them. Don't be, I for one would be happy to try to answer your questions.

Dan Crawford

Tim follows the old saying. He doesn't judge a book by its cover. He judges a player by his heart.

Chartric Darby

This is just not about the judges -- the judges are not known directly by people, ... This is guilt by association and augurs of bigger things to come.

Terry Madonna

A judge's decision is to be to be fair, impartial and not according to a whim or fear of the latest opinion poll.

Louis Butler

You've been hearing a lot lately about activist judges. There is no place for activist judges. A judge should abide by the law, read the law and apply it as it is written.

Ben Hand

The judges we work with are very fair with the people. You have to have a little bit of backbone and compassion.

Nanette Heller

I'll probably have more fun messing with the judges than the referees.

Horace Broadnax

That's been our position all along and it continues to be our position. The judge's ruling helps clarify some of the basic issues and we know where we need to go from here.

Dan Mcintyre

First of all we went to auditions in our classrooms in front of three judges. The Brits are pretty, pretty big.

Sean Ellis

If we believe in democracy and the role of the people, it's quite appropriate for the people to pick judges.

James Bopp

We did have an impeding during the race and we respected the judges' decision.

Tong Lixin

We are very disappointed with the judge's decision, ... We are in the process of reviewing and analyzing the decision to fully understand the bases for it and its potential implications.

David Walker

The best is the best, though a hundred judges have declared it so.

Sir Arthur Quiller couch

It's kind of like Supreme Court judges. Once they're there, they're there.

Kevin Causey

We did that in the county judge's office. We accomplished a lot.

Jerry Caddel

I'd like to have bail set lower than that. It's a high bail and I understand the judge's concerns.

John Moran

It's not the judges who are going to suffer the brunt of this. It's the state employees working for the judicial branch.

Ron Keefover

We want the records to go public, and we're happy with the judge's decision.

Al Zimmerman

There have been dramatic changes in the way murder cases are handled. Judges now have to schedule a lengthy sentencing hearing and there are now only five inmates on death row, down from close to 40 in August.

Nancy Anderson

I have generally found that persons who had studied painting least were the best judges of it.

William Hogarth

We accept the judge's ruling and will proceed to defend the case in state court.

Gail Rymer

Fortunately, Lord Chancellor, your judges do not appoint the Master of the Rolls. I do.

Lord Hailsham

He came to fight, ... He didn't come to run or look for a gift from the judges.

Bernard Hopkins

If I'm in a situation where Duane Ford is one of the judges, I have to pick it up.

Bernard Hopkins

We believe that are some unintended consequences of the ruling and we think there are better ways to achieve the judge's intent without the consequences.

Charlie Schrock

The judges really thought it was a mature composition.

Ryan Burley

We're confused. We don't understand the judge's reaction. We're perfectly prepared to prosecute this case.

Joann Carrin

Hospitals are corrupt. Judges are corrupt. Everybody in the world is corrupt. But our newspapers are essentially a monument to idealism.

Christian Williams

When I first started, I said 'Yes, sir and no, sir.' Now, the lawyers say, 'Yes, sir and no, sir.' Now, we're even older than most of the judges.

Randy May

Just get rid of judges altogether. Just let the Legislature set the sentences.

Don Samuel

The president appoints the judges. Your lives and your children's lives can change by all of these appellate court judges who will be appointed who will reinterpret laws, and things can change.

Johnnie Cochran

I think we've been blessed with a very talented and well-respected group of judges and I'm hoping at the beginning to be able to sit with them and pick up a lot of advice.

Roger Le Grand

Our judges in Kane County have been proudly independent of political affiliations.

Judge Wiley Edmondson

Judges shouldn't be partisan. They should just interpret the law, look at what the Legislature intended and act accordingly.

Rep. Randy Hinshaw

You may have the judge's sympathy, but the law is the law. Nobody is required to leave anybody anything.

Roger Levine

Every week our goal is to try to make it very difficult for the judges. They have to dig deep to try to find a deduction.

Bob Starkell

The judges commented not only on the completeness of his display, but also on his articulate answers in his oral interview.

Sally Thompson

The city is moving forward as if the judges will rule in their favor, and that's a gamble.

Jeff Riese

There aren't any more swing judges.

Charlie Cyr

I've heard from judges concerned about their ability to decide a case in six minutes.

Cathy Green

Sometimes the judges try to help them. Sometimes the judges run out of patience.

Mike Benito

The judges are all appointed by the chief executive. How can you say we have an independent judiciary?

Ronny Tong

To me, the more difficult question is just the daily erosion of public confidence when judges become too politicized.

Tom Phillips

Amending the state constitution may be the only way to prevent activist judges from destructively reshaping the centuries-old definition of marriage.

Bill Scranton

We are recorders and reporters of the facts-not judges of the behavior we describe.

Alfred C. Kinsey

We certainly feel it bolsters our case. We have sent it on to the 5th Circuit so they will be aware of the district judge's ruling.

Mike Small

I respect the judge's decision, but I strongly disagree with it.

Frank Melton

He's been playing for judges since he was 4 or 5, so he's used to it. Me, I might have a few butterflies.

Ken Clark

Many of the judges are from different parts of Florida so they may have an appreciation of the Florida lifestyle.

Bambi Spahr

The judges have been very carefully selected for these Olympics. Everybody knows the eyes of the world will be on them.

Gayle Mcclelland

We strongly disagree with the judge's findings. Microsoft products have greatly benefited consumers.

Gary Locke

It's just one less hassle that the election judges have to deal with in a long day.

Scott Burnham

We have some of the most draconian laws in the country. Many judges would like to have more flexibility.

Gary Peck

That indicates to us that some of the judges have serious concerns about Padilla.

Julie Engell

Man, that's why we've got judges, we've got trials, we've got people that make decisions for what goes on in court. I'm not worried about anything.

Sean Taylor

It really gives the appearance that the judges have to answer to the politicians, and our democracy is set up very clearly to ensure the judiciary is independent from the executive branch.

Susan Mcgrath

He probably knows them as judges and as people better than all but a few other people.

David Leitch

We are disappointed but not surprised with the judge's ruling.

Dana Cody

Every year, I'm complimented on the quality of the judges at the festival. I try to bring in people who are not only great jazz performers but are educators as well.

Tim Watson

I'm happy with the judge's decision, ... has a particularly violent record.

Robert Simpson

Where judges do not protect us from having religion imposed upon us but rather declare war on religion.

Lindsay Graham

Did I rob him (in the July 16 bout)? I got nothing to do with the judges.

Jermain Taylor

Attacks on judges are an attack on the legal system and justice itself.

Louis Butler

Our judges will not continue to represent the diverse face of America if only the well-to-do or the mediocre are willing to become judges.

William H. Rehnquist

Judges can come from the community; they don't have to be scientists.

Jaymie Pedigo

Judges don't age; time decorates them.

Enid Bagnold

The Egyptian people think the judges are the last hope for (political) change.

Hany Enan

As IPR judges, we are anxious about the situation but without foreign companies filing a lawsuit, judges can do nothing about it.

Zhang Zhipei

You can only do what you can do, and then it's up to the judges.

Eric Peatross

He simply could have said, `Yes, I could have sentenced or upheld a judge's sentence to put Hitler to death.' Instead he said it was up to God to decide.

Eric Cantor

The judges are naturally sensitive to data sets that affect their judicial autonomy.

Enrique Moreno

For me, just getting here was a huge accomplishment. I just love being here. I'm going to go out, do the best I can and let the judges decide.

Emily Cook

I just thought it was something different and unique. And the judges would pay attention to what we have to offer.

Elida Balboa

He certainly fits the kind of excellent judges that we were looking for and that President Bush is looking for.

Edwin Meese Iii

Of the eight sitting judges, I've helped elect five or six of them.

Fred Mitchell

This is exactly what the judges have feared all along. That the trial wouldn't be complete and there would be no verdict.... They knew the fragile state of his health.

Edgar Chen