Sean Ellis
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"Sean Ellis" is a British film director, writer, producer and fashion photographer. He is best known for his films Cashback (film)/Cashback (2004), The Broken (film)/The Broken (2008), and (in the Tagalog language) Metro Manila (film)/Metro Manila (2013).

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I, on the other hand, come up to the line and will cuss you out. I tell players that I'm going to kill them, that they better not come over the middle of the field. He doesn't say anything. He just gets them.

Right now, I get asthmatic bronchitis, which is a breathing problem from the smoke, and the smoke has been covering the whole valley.

First of all we went to auditions in our classrooms in front of three judges. The Brits are pretty, pretty big.

Our position dictates toughness. It's an honor to be a Carson linebacker.