Business is challenging right now. Because of those financial difficulties, it has drained resources away from the Robin's brand.

Do it right and include the judges.

It's the right time, even though I believe these stocks are way overvalued.

Microsoft giving away its browser is a huge, huge problem, one that is extremely difficult for Netscape to overcome, ... I think the stock is overvalued, even at these prices.

What I think you're really seeing is that advertisers and electronic vendors are really going heavy on the Internet. This is no longer an experiment. What they're saying is this is real?Long-term I think [the search engine sector is] a great investment.

Like the rest of the economy, the housing market is clearly showing the effects of the Sept. 11 attack on America.

I don't think it changes the landscape, ... It gives [broadband] a higher profile, and maybe it pushes phone companies to be more aggressive in building their networks.

This is what happens in a free market. Price controls such as the cap artificially interfere with the market process and have historically created supply problems and consumer hardships.

There's an execution risk here.