A lot of people think the playing field is level now for head coaches and administrators. It's not.

I don't know of any employer, even if it's the NFL, who judges a kid based on whether he played in front of 70,000 or 15,000. You're evaluated based on your ability to help an organization.

Now why did you have to go remind me of that? Of course they would have brought fans, but we have to be neutral.

We'll generate significant, significant revenue for the conference and the institutions that participate.

I have to deal with speculation all the time. But 10 years from now, I see a conference with 12-to-14 basketball-playing schools and at least 12 football-playing schools. We do have a strategic plan, and we'll follow it.

You couldn't find nicer people. They tried to treat their people right.

The economics of our recent national situation, with oil and natural gas prices — that's the big part of it. We're very proud of what people have done (in Viroqua). We feel it's very unfortunate this decision had to be made. We wish we didn't have to do this, but we have to stay in a position where we can be a leader and compete in the industry.