Do you want to trust and like the president--is that more important--or do you believe you have to vote for Gore to keep the peace and prosperity we've had the last eight years?

A lot of us thought that school board elections all over the country would be dominated by it — particularly in conservative areas. But other than a couple of places, it just has not taken off.

There are not a lot of reasons for people to vote.

Democrats scratch their heads and can't figure out why he keeps winning. They don't understand how someone so conservative and brash can win in Pennsylvania, a centrist, light-blue state where moderates prevail.

I've never seen anything like this, ... It's a populist insurrection.

I don't think they're going to do anything, ... I've not seen a single member of the leadership show any inclination to admit that what they did was in error.

The attitude is much more inflammatory in the central and western part of the state than it is in the southeast, ... A lot of people are worse off financially than they were a year ago, paying more for things like healthcare and gasoline, and (the pay raise) really rubbed them the wrong way.

This is just not about the judges -- the judges are not known directly by people, ... This is guilt by association and augurs of bigger things to come.

This is the issue that wouldn't go away, ... The pay hike triggered long-standing, simmering anger over the way the Legislature does its business and, indeed, over the way Harrisburg operates. It's a reaction against secrecy and what the voters say is arrogance.