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He gave us a little cushion. He hit the ball hard and had some good at-bats.

Pete Stenberg

We don't have the bats to let it rip. We have to have situational hitting.

Bill Alexander

Now he needs 800 more at-bats to be the greatest hitter in history.

Todd Jones

Our offense has been almost non-existent. Some way, we've got to find life in the bats.

Steve Jump

If we get the bats going, I think everything else will fall into place.

Jim Patrick

We're starting to hit the ball a little better and that's good. We got some good experience and some good at-bats and that's what we needed.

Mark Comfort

You put together 500 at-bats, I think anybody respects somebody who hits .300.

Chad Tracy

We swung the bats well this week.

Scott Phillips

It was nice to see our bats come alive.

Ron Lepper

Bats have no bankers and they do not drink and cannot be arrested and pay no tax and, in general, bats have it made.

John Berryman

It was good to finally see our bats come alive.

Bob Sperrazza

Our hitting is getting better. We had some very good at-bats and made some adjustments.

Dave Heise

We have to swing the bats. We were overpowered last year.

Galvin Morris

It was a big inning for us. We really got our bats going.

Joe Archuleta

It was nice to swing the bats and get some hits.

Dan Andrews

Anything I can do to simulate at-bats.

Jacob Cruz

They had five at bats, we had four.

John Hawe

He had seven at-bats against me? I'll say two hits, probably.

Dave Righetti

We swung the bats well right off the jump.

Rob Rowe

We didn't have very good at-bats.

Joseph Hunter

Words can be like baseball bats when used maliciously.

Sidney Madwed

I'll be able to get some more at-bats. I'll make the most of them.

Garrett Jones

Getting consistent at-bats... makes it much easier when you're out there.

Xavier Nady

We didn't swing the bats well. We had some chances, but couldn't get the big hit. It was a pitchers' duel.

Will Flowers

We swung the bats really well. Offensively we were pretty good.

Rich Alday

The bats came alive today.

Stan Cliburn

We saw the kids playing in mud and they had bats and were making mud pies out of them.

Derrick Daniels

Most bats eat their own weight every night. ... And that's a lot of bug-eating.... It adds up.

Dave Johnston

The bats coming around to compliment our strong pitching.

Brian Gouin

We swung the bats pretty well.

Chris Pedretti

I like our at-bats. We've had good at-bats against the good teams we've played, and we've had good at-bats against the bad teams.

Glenn Rutenbar

They're swinging the bats pretty well right now.

John Buck

Raccoons and bats are the animals you find [rabies] in the most.

James Maloney

He's our No. 2 guy on the hill, and that's his job. But after this he might very well get some more at-bats.

Dean Welch

It was a combination of us not swinging the bats and he was throwing it well.

Chris Widger

There are some issues to be addressed. But I think I will be able to get them all enough at-bats.

Rick Sweet

Her bat's going to be real strong.

Scott Vickrey

It was good to go to big-league camp and fun to be there. I didn't get too many at-bats, but I did what I could.

Jason Pridie

It was an ugly day. It probably cost both teams a few at bats.

Patrick Mitchell

We've got to capitalize on those situations when we're in charge. We need to have better at-bats.

Craig Faulkner

They balance the world, ... They eat about 2,000 insects a night. Without the bats we couldn't live here.

George Perkins

Our bats just aren't coming through. We've hit a dry spell and you have to hit the ball to win the game.

Amy Pikas

We swung the bats aggressively. It was nice to see.

Bob Freschi

We swung the bats well.

Ron Polk

We swung the bats really well and had a lot of guys on base. We also did a good job of running the bases.

Mark Gulseth

We couldn't find our bats. Our game in two weeks will tell if we go to state.

Rand Baker

It took a while for our bats to get going.

Sidney Nozaki

The bats finally came loose.

Mike Frosco

Our bats stayed alive today and we got the little hits when we needed them.

Karen Albanese

This is big for Chris. He needed some extra at-bats.

Jim Fleming

Our bats just wouldn't let our gloves beat us tonight.

Dino Ebel

I was a little bit down after my first two at-bats, ... I said to myself, 'I've got to be more aggressive.' .

Ramon Castro

We didn't swing the bats well early in the year, but we're starting to come around.

Dennis Braun

It's great to see our bats come around. We really hit the ball well today against a decent pitcher.

Jim Kivisto

We scored some runs in the first and got our bats going.

Stephen Hansen

You can't underestimate what Boston can do with the bats.

Gabe Gross

This is as well as we've swung the bats all year.

Steve Perdue

They've made a lot of bats now that when you hit the ball, the stinging in your hands, you can't tell now.

Katie Ivancich

This will be a good day. How many bats can I break?

Cole Hamels

I made some good pitches there, and our bats did the rest.

Brad Radke

His father's sister had bats in the belfry and was put away.

Eden Phillpotts