"Ricky Joe (Rick) Sweet" is a former professional baseball catcher and current manager (baseball)/manager of the Milwaukee Brewers' Triple-A (baseball)/Triple-A affiliate, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. He played three seasons in Major League Baseball between 1978 and 1983, and has since had a long career as minor league baseball/minor and major league coach and minor league manager.

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Every time Stratton comes to the plate, everybody stops and watches. It's very exciting to watch players like that hit. You just shake your head, because not many people can do that.

The fact that we have something to work at, like battling somebody in a pennant race, means that pride will step in for us. It will force us to play hard and focus on the game.

He is just a hitting machine.

They have been (the best team in the league) all year, from Day One. They haven't had a glitch.

Ben pitched a very good ballgame (until the fourth), but one of the things he has to learn is, when things are going against him, he doesn't know how to step back and say, 'What am I going to do here? What do I need to do?' He just keeps throwing. That's something that experience will help take care of.

He keeps hitting gaps and running, and he's 30-plus (actually 32) years old. He's the one who told me, 'I guess I'm just getting old.' But it's hard on you with all that running, especially as hot as it is.

There are some issues to be addressed. But I think I will be able to get them all enough at-bats.

He looks great. He's been swinging well and playing good defensively.

It's hard to believe what he could do if he could stay healthy.