He's got a real funky motion that's deceptive to hitters.

With the talent we have here, that's a real, real good possibility that we're going to end that drought in '97 when the Red Wings won their last championship. I'm the man to do it and I think I can back it up.

I've always said that early in the season when it's cold it's important to score first. Pitching and defense are the name of the game, and we had both today.

He's a guy who has gone to the post for me and Stu (Wings pitching coach Stu Cliburn ) many times in the past. He's a bulldog and a great competitor.

Naturally, this wasn't the way we wanted to start. We would have liked to have put on a better show.

Some things were a little slow motion out there. I think the weather, with the day off (Friday), might have got our guys a bit.

I just told the first-base umpire that he made his call a little too quick. It was a close, bang-bang play, and we all saw that the call was not the right decision. I just told the guy to let the play develop a little bit longer before calling him out or safe.

The bats came alive today.

I've got 24 guys and I'm going to play everybody. You don't have to worry about keeping the nine starters happy. They're playing. I want the guys on the bench to always be ready at the beck and call.