I think the top three seeds will be determined by whose pitching stays healthy.

Anybody can beat anyone else. We're still learning about these teams. All I know is you have to play your best all the time.

We couldn't get ahead in the count. We weren't throwing strikes. You got to get ahead of a good hitting ball clubs.

We swung the bats well right off the jump.

From the middle of last season, Zach really has made strides dealing with adversity. He doesn't let things bother him. He just keeps playing.

Larry pitched good and got better as the game went along. If the game had gone on, he would have been even better.

It's not good. I wish it wasn't like this. If we don't get going at 4 o'clock or have a long inning ... it's not a factor that nice to have to worry about.

We had the doctor check him out and he was OK. Edwin had a huge game.

We finally got the monkey off our back. We played looser and I think that helped. We made quite a few mental mistakes early, but our bats were hot and our pitching is coming around.