(Massey has) really been our leader throughout most of the season. He did a great job of getting out ahead of the batters and throwing strikes.

He's one of our two best pitchers. We stuck with him as long as we could but you know scoring one run; you've got to score more runs than that to win.

Not that early in the season do you have a game like that dominated by pitching and getting out of jams. That was something to be this early in the season.

Playing Hunt goes way back. They have a young club like we do, and it was a good battle. I was pleased that, this time, we got the win.

We didn't swing the bats well. We had some chances, but couldn't get the big hit. It was a pitchers' duel.

It starts there. Bentley gave us a great effort.

It was just one of those games where we hit some balls good right at them, they made plays.

We had a big first inning and that kind of set the tone. Our young kids just played good, scored and scored early. (Sophomore right-hander) Jacob Davis did a good job of throwing strikes.

We talked about it before the game that we wanted to grow up tonight. We wanted to not be just another young team; we wanted to step up and let this be the game that we were going to go on and kind of move ahead with the development of this team.