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No athlete is crowned but in the sweat of his brow.

Saint Jerome

Stevie is a great athlete who will do multiple things in practice.

Tracy Bunge

He's a (heck) of an athlete. He's a great kid. His accomplishments in these sports is quite an achievement.

Pat Tarrant

I just wanted to get out and have some fun, look like an athlete.

Connor Hughes

She's a very good athlete, too, like her sister.

Sam Salih

She does really good out there because she's really aggressive. She's not afraid to get in there and work. She's a good athlete.

Bill Carey

We're a very elemental sport. It's just the athlete and the bird.

George Shea

It's just a testament to the kind of athlete she is.

Joe Rinaldo

[Keith] is really an all-around player. He is probably the best athlete on the team.

Coleman Smith

Travis is such a good athlete we can put him in almost any event.

Todd Spanier

Every athlete can't be like that.

David Maraniss

It's definitely challenging every athlete. I would have to say you'd have to be a loony if you weren't scared.

Chris Moffat

They're not allowed to cry. There is no crying. You come on the floor like an athlete, you leave the floor like an athlete.

Julie Goodwin

Kate is very much an athlete out there.

Chris Schmidt

Sarah's a local athlete and this is just our way of showing appreciation.

Laurie Grant

You can't get tested too much, every athlete has to abide by the rules.

John Devitt

She's the most incredible athlete we've ever had.

Elizabeth Clarkson Zwart

Obviously, we didn't know he would be quite the athlete that he is.

Mike Trombetta

She is a great athlete who deserves the title.

Raphael Fennimore

No athlete should inject themselves and that's why doctors are there.

David Howman

I've never been through that type of devastation as an athlete.

Marcellus Wiley

It was a great TV moment, not a great athlete moment.

David Pelletier

Curtis is just a natural athlete.

Pat Morgan

She's just a phenomenal athlete.

Pat Nepple

It's incredible that I'm the most successful athlete of the games.

Michael Greis

Chris is an explosive athlete. He does give us those options.

Bob Bratkowski

Drew is just an unbelievable athlete.

Chuck Anderson

He's our best athlete on defense.

Gary Walker

I'm a golfer - not an athlete.

Lee Westwood

He is very upbeat but we hear that all the time from just about any athlete.

Pat Cash

That's the thing we're working on the most, getting out and being an athlete out there on the field.

Arron Sears

No athlete should be deprived of appropriate medication at any time.

Peter Fricker

His reputation as a wonderful, all-round athlete went before him.

Gareth Edwards

We agreed that Sarah was up against a better athlete and would have to play nearly flawless tennis to come up with the win.

Daryl Youngstrum

She was the youngest athlete in Morocco.

Stan Williams

Maybe we learned something from this one. He's the best athlete we have.

Matt Cameron

He's just a phenomenal athlete. We're just thankful for the time we had him.

Josh Bauman

She's the best athlete in the family, there's no doubt about it.

Sean Morey

I want to be a better athlete and win more medals.

Heather O'brien

Heather is a great athlete and a very competitive individual who will only get better.

John Byford

Becoming an Olympian is the ultimate reward for any athlete.

Michael Diamond

He's a well-rounded athlete. And it shows on the tennis court.

Jeff Schulte

He is a great athlete No. 1, that is the biggest characteristic he has.

Gene Engelkes

He's a great athlete. He made plays.

Tony Davis

Durability is part of what makes a great athlete.

Bill Russell

She has one of the most natural serves I've seen. She is one heck of an athlete.

Mike Armstrong

He's a great athlete who has turned himself into a great quarterback.

Brad Vanneman

He's the type of athlete where you can just flip a coin.

Anwar Phillips

She can drive you crazy with that desire to be a perfect athlete.

Charles Brooks

He's best male athlete that we have got, he's clearly world class.

Nic Bideau

He's an outstanding athlete. He fits into our team excellently.

Todd Black

As an athlete, you think you are OK and you go by how you feel. But sometimes it's not that simple.

Anquan Boldin

The offense is a perfect fit for him, because it allows him to be an athlete. He can run and he can throw.

Landon Kafentzis

He's a very special athlete.

John Lilly

What can you say about Anna Baldwin? She?s the best athlete in the league.

Dennis Fowler

We knew she was a going to be a good athlete and do the job.

Ken Ferguson

He's a great athlete. He plays on the line when we kick.

Ron Rezendes

There are a lot of schools he could have gone to. He's a good student, a good athlete.

Dave Coyne

When you're an athlete, you meet a lot of people.

Phil Esposito

It's in their hands now. If you are any kind of an athlete you are embarrassed to be 0-8.

Dave Huppert

The future is so bright with this young athlete.

Shawn Boggs

I am here to put out a positive athlete.

Calvin Johnson

I've always take a lot of pride in the scholar-athlete (concept).

Shane Voss

She's played well. She's an excellent athlete and she can hit the ball very well.

Mike Schuster

Joey did some good things Saturday and he's a good athlete.

Hal Mumme

Anthony is the most inspirational athlete I have ever coached.

Bobby Williams

The book on him is he's an extremely talented athlete with a big ceiling.

Jim Fleming

For a superstar athlete, Ray's just an unbelievable guy.

Jeff Nelson

I thought he was a good athlete who played quarterback.

Rich Mckay

Danielle is a tremendous athlete and a good leader.

Del Hessel

That's just part of being a professional athlete.

Steve Kline

He's a great athlete. The whole family are great athletes.

Jason Fojt

How he can make people miss. It's unbelievable. He's a sick, sick athlete.

Matt Bernstein

He's the real athlete in the family.

Dan Howell

We don't want any athlete in our team who is contaminated.

Eric Maleson

She's an amazing athlete.

Erin Sullivan

He was a shortstop and a pitcher, but I could play him anywhere. He was that kind of athlete.

Ted Morgan