I was very fortunate that I didn't bleed out, ... I had about 15.5 units of blood in my body and when I got to the hospital I had a little less than five units.

Primarily, there are messages from a Yahoo group that are most interesting, ... There are memories, a few photos, a photo of Myron's hometown and some historic photos. There are links to other sites Welk related.

I don't think this is anything against Congressman Kolbe. They, (the gay Republicans -- including members of the Log Cabin group), are trumpeting an agenda that they want the certain rights.

Jake is a 100-yard threat running the ball, he's a good thrower and he has a great understanding of our offense.

Drew is just an unbelievable athlete.

I'm half Swedish and I don't like lutefisk, ... I had it as a kid Swedish lutefisk. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.

I've got all kinds of stuff, but I don't use them, ... They just get in the way.

I love it. It makes me feel good for the city.

What this is about, I think the homosexual agenda and the Log Cabin Republicans, they're the ones at the center of this.