We haven't come across Ecstasy in this county for a few years now, ... Obviously it's been here, but it's been quiet.

I wouldn't say yes or no to that.

There are many paths and they are all valid if they work for the individual, ... All the paths are sacred and all should be accepted in the recovery family.

We cannot medicate ourselves, legally or illegally, to a state of wellness and happiness - God knows we've tried, ... Speaking of God, if he doesn't exist, we blessed better well invent her.

It's up to us to demonstrate our value to you.

I wouldn't say yes or no to that. That's a maybe. The guy is not here to defend himself. I don't want to say anything.

Hopefully he keeps his head and just goes out and plays.

That's just part of being a professional athlete.

For Ecstasy, and for a patrol officer to get that is very big. Very, very big.