He's a (heck) of an athlete. He's a great kid. His accomplishments in these sports is quite an achievement.

We really hadn't had a game like this (a blowout). It was nice being able to play some different guys, seeing different guys.

We played them earlier in the season at their place; we didn't play well and they played aggressively. They weren't as aggressive this time and we've been playing better. We're being more patient and when we do shoot three-pointers they're coming in the flow of the game.

It's just bothersome, but obviously he would like to see it not hurt. He's feeling pretty good overall.

The break was a good thing. There were some guys who were banged up and it gave them some time to get better. It was a good time to have the break. I thought we might have been a little winded. But (the break) wasn't bad for us. I think we're ready to go.

Chris is starting to play well ? he struggled a bit during the season, but he has worked his way out of it. His playing well is a huge plus for us.

We played one of our better games of the season. We handled their pressure, and their changes in their defense. The guys did a really good job of sharing the basketball.

They were much better than their record. We had many chances to win the game. Brett had a good look. We have been in just about every situation this year. We've been in every type of game.

They are quick and big. But their weakness might be handling the ball and pressure. We couldn't press them the entire game, but we got to them a little.