These girls just love being part of a winning program. I get a lot of girls who can't play other sports and they excel in this one. It's just a great group.

It's just a testament to the kind of athlete she is.

For her to pull it off on her last lift, in a weight class she's never lifted in, that's one of those stories that I'll just never forget. Neither will probably anybody on our team.

It's definitely some good momentum. We won by 14 points, but two of my girls scratched out … and they were possibly top three on the conference. It was a lot of drama with that meet Wednesday.

It has improved significantly. This has been an issue over the years. We have tightened up the controls.

It is an individual sport. But I (preached) the team sport because these girls were like my little sisters. They were like a family.

I was pleased to represent the county and get us up to the state forefront. It's been a great year, and I couldn't ask for anything more from these girls.

Obviously, I've always wanted to teach (my athletes). Not to be police officers, but better athletes; but now, yes, I guess now I'm going to be a coach for the police department.