When we market this product, the way we approach it (is that) the ignition interlock is the best safety feature out on the market. There is nothing out there that makes the vehicle inoperable better than this.

Honestly achieved results surpass all others.

What is happening here is catastrophic.

Representing Australia as an Olympian at Barcelona in 1992 and Atlanta 1996 were the proudest moments of my sporting career.

Asia has more than twice as many severely deprived children as sub-Saharan Africa. This scale of child poverty will have a serious impact on Asia's future prospects, unless it is addressed now.

Becoming an Olympian is the ultimate reward for any athlete.

If your license has been revoked, the Secretary of State requires the use of an ignition interlock device for a minimum of 365 days.

I just want to be with my family and that's it, so it makes sense.