The man tote is the 'It' bag that everyone is talking about.

Yes, it could very well.

Right now, unfortunately, there are some problems with the environmental impact statement on this section, mainly due to the (Cumberland) river crossing.

Often people don't think things are happening unless they see a bulldozer or surveyor. That's actually the last step. Plenty has already happened before you reach that point.

It's a fashion queeny thing this year, but by next year it will go mass.

She was the youngest athlete in Morocco.

I take the main plant up and bag it. Then with my bare hand I try to pick up as many goatheads as I can. Then I have a butane burner, a big one, and I burn what is left.

If a state project is under way, it's sure best to let it proceed.

It's an unusual year for us. We've got a lot of road work going on in different phases.