Gareth Edwards
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"Gareth Owen Edwards" Order of the British Empire/CBE is a Welsh people/Welsh former rugby union player who played Rugby union/scrumhalf/scrum-half and has been described by the BBC as "arguably the greatest player ever to don a Welsh jersey".

In 2003, a poll of international rugby players conducted by Rugby World magazine, Edwards was declared the greatest player of all time. In 2007, former England national rugby union team/England captain Will Carling published his list of the '50 Greatest Rugby players' in The Daily Telegraph/The Telegraph, and ranked Edwards the greatest player ever, stating; "He was a supreme athlete with supreme skills, the complete package. He played in the 1970s, but, if he played now, he would still be the best. He was outstanding at running, passing, kicking and reading the game. He sits astride the whole of rugby as the ultimate athlete on the pitch".

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This man was one of the great superstars of world rugby and has consistently played at such a high level.

His reputation as a wonderful, all-round athlete went before him.

Who knows? Injury plays a big part in most people's careers but only time will tell if he can return to the way we all remember him.

My reaction is one of huge surprise, and in taking the few words that have been given to us about his reasons, you have to respect them and wish him all the best.

Young partners who are billing above their weight may well seek to challenge the lockstep on the basis they are being penalized for their age.

I feel very sorry for your victims. It will be some small consolation that they can get two thirds of their money back. You are a crook, you are in prison, and that is where you deserve to be.