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You can't take a biometric out of one application and replay it in another.

Frank Fitzsimmons

There was nothing in existence when they started working on their application.

Randy Dehoff

Where's the value in that? It's not an application people need.

Len Lauer

They asked for some more historical background to strengthen the application.

Whit Field

We're the $100,000 box that makes the $25 million application work well.

Dean Darwin

There isn't a contract as I understand it in place. What there is is an application.

Melody Ryland

When the application sets are similar, there?s movement.

Mark Polansky

As soon as we get the ballots, we'll start sending them to those who have made application.

Pat King

They?re told they have to put their application in for next year?s budget.

Skip Patterson

We bring together theory and application at the New Center.

Alison Brown

We saw Pang's application and it seemed she would be a very good fit for this family.

Brenda Agnello

These are considered laws of general application.

Michael Baker

You get a more creative application of the codes.

Terry Hughes

I'm waiting for a new application.

Catherine Carroll

Truth is the summit of being; justice is the application of it to affairs.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It requires an application and approval of something that is already approved.

Brent Kohere

The end user is the one who makes or breaks the mobile application.

Bruce Francis

Their first step is to get an application to become a citizen.

Jane Hoffa

The [enterprise] application is really the sell today.

Stephen Drake

It's important to have constant application and legal certainty.

Mario Monti

There is a set of technology commitments in the application.

Jeffrey Green

Communication and games make for a sticky application.

Sabeer Bhatia

It may just be an application that you have to have.

Sue Feldman

It's a foolproof way to understand the application and the infrastructure.

Chris Gahagan

The Phone.com approach lets you get all the way to your application server.

John Pescatore

A lot of e-mail, that's for sure. That's probably application No. 1.

Raymond Boggs

We must not harbor the illusion of a killer application.

Judy Estrin

The patent application was to protect our invention. As you can see . . . the invention is significant.

Craig Mchugh

The application process took 24 years.

Trey Davis

The challenge is to succeed with a simple value application.

Jim Penhune

The 'pearl in the oyster' is being able to run an application in a machine, but not alter the machine in any way.

David Greschler

It's Web based, which is the key. It really is the next step in this type of an application.

Mark Basham

The days of the killer application are long gone.

Dan Kusnetzky

You would then restart the application and you can get directions again from where you are.

Davis Janowski

Safeguards need to be taken on an application-by-application basis.

Julie England

This really is a new application driven by the customer base.

Dan Ryan

We do not think he should be allowed to review our application.

Chris Priester

Adultery is the application of democracy to love.

H. L. Mencken

Really there is not anything new in application terms. It is just an integrated version of what they've got already.

Brian Gammage

We will resist the application.

Robert Goldstein

Not every Wiegand stream has a bit or a stream that can be associated with that kind of application.

Peter Boriskin

We view this [application] as a very positive step.

Dave Blanchette

I think the application will be derailed.

Tom Ellis

In the enterprise application space, size does matter.

Rick Marquardt

Anybody can call or come in to request an application.

Gail Wilson

Workflow has been in every application ever written.

Scott Woodgate

We are disappointed that the FDA did not approve our application.

Bruce L. Downey

No other application than the production of nuclear warheads.

Peter Jenkins

We start out with data, and voice is just another application.

Sky Dayton

A slim [application] that you can keep up all the time.

Jim Nelson