It's not going to be an overnight sensation. My concern is that people will assume they are now free of insulin shots.

It has a perverse effect. It says the DEC can essentially put things in the drawer, lock them away, then when we do find out about things and realize we have a right to challenge, the statute of limitations runs out.

People have used the argument-not a scientific argument but a political argument-that we don't need to do human embryonic stem cell research because, after all, mature or adult stem cells will do everything. Doug's paper says that's not exactly correct.

I take pride in putting together contracts and providing a full range of services. I tell all my members, 'Distinguish yourself with services.' I'm not worried about it at all.

The Koreans have decided to make these cell lines available to researchers throughout the world. We applaud that approach.

We want to make sure people understand that this does not equal getting rid of all their insulin shots.

The fish don't know to stay away from New Orleans.

The thing that people with diabetes who have to take insulin hate the most are shots. So anything that can replace shots patients are going to be very pleased to have.

We will resist the application.