I think the key thing from a Microsoft perspective is that customers are looking to integrate applications inside their enterprises, customers are looking for vendors to provide solutions all the way across the stack.

The goal is to be the singular workflow option for Windows.

With WWF, Microsoft will let programmers isolate process logic and business rules as they create composite applications.

Historically, every ISV and every Microsoft product team that has wanted to put workflow within their application has had to build their own workflow.

Developer response has been pretty cool, ... just their middle tier.

It's a very developer-focused infrastructure for workflow.

All of these products will inherit WWF, like they do the .Net Framework today.

We are very pleased to have ADERANT as part of our Technology Adoption Program for Windows Workflow Foundation, ... ADERANT's efforts to tailor workflow solutions built on Windows Workflow Foundation will help ensure that law, accounting, and other professional services firms increase their competitive advantage.

Workflow has been in every application ever written.