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We may have hit bottom in Asia but it may not get better anytime soon.

Art Russell

Anytime we have rat droppings or any signs of mice droppings, we want to find out exactly what it is.

Mark Everett

And I don't expect that feeling to go away anytime soon.

Ron Walters

Anytime you have population growth, there are business opportunities.

Roland Dorson

Anytime you win, you hear about the old school pride. That's really all it is -- winning.

Corey Mays

I don't think this issue is going to go away anytime soon.

Rep Dave Crooks

Don't look for panels to get cheaper anytime soon.

Norm Ehrlich

Anytime they're building around here is good for us, so we get more work.

Chris Gibson

Anytime you can beat Murray State it's memorable.

Jake Sinclair

I think anytime you don't handle the blitz, you're going to see it. If you handle the blitz, you won't see it.

Paul Chryst

It won?t go away anytime soon. I?m not pessimistic, but I?m not that optimistic. It will balance out.

Ashok Shah

With two strikes, that was a big homer. Anytime you see a guy do that with two strikes it's a plus.

Carl Hunckler

Anytime we're cleaning up something.

Joseph Hall

Anytime (callers) ask for personal information, you get information from them and refer to us.

Sue Hofer

I will debate Don anyplace, anytime between now and the election.

David Kramer

Anytime you can have a women compete with men it engages people. It always has.

Brandon Steiner

Anytime you can win and not play well, it's a good win.

Dave Robbins

It seemed like he could turn it on anytime he wanted to.

Larry Harrison

They should check their systems anytime a patch is issued.

Tom Duffy

Anytime anyone would get near them, he'd perch forward and watch them closely.

Kay Crites

We've had, obviously, a successful tournament without her. Anytime you actually can get her is a bonus.

Brian Flajole

We really don't have any plans in taking that bill up anytime soon.

Jon Brandt

That's just football stuff. I can do that anytime.

Sergio Kindle

Anytime it gets over $2.50, it gets hard to cope.

James Davis

Anytime you can win two of three games when your on the road is good.

Chase Tidwell

Anytime you can get odds like that, you've got to take them.

Hal Stratton

Anytime you have the potential to do better, you are disappointed that you don't.

Michael Colucci

Anytime you lose three of your starters, it's huge.

Doug Fisher

He's the same anytime. He plays somebody one-on-one in the gym and he needs to win just as badly as he needs to win this game.

Dave Smart

He'd help anyone, at anytime, with anything.

Dave Johnson

Anytime I got one on, (I said) lets see how they can field.

Heather Wood

Anyone expecting a Los Angeles Examiner anytime soon, they're going to be disappointed.

Jim Monaghan

Pretty much anytime I have time off, we come to the beach.

Derek Brown

Any day, anytime anywhere.

Travis Tritt

Anytime you have success at a place, you have a good feeling. You can feed off that.

Steve Jaros

For sure they will try to stop our big men and guards but we're ready to make adjustments anytime.

Siot Tanquingcen

It's not your everyday job, ... Anytime you get to blow stuff up on a daily basis, it's a lot of fun.

Tony Wilson

Looking for antiques is what we love. Most anytime that we're traveling, the car seems to find where there's an antique shop.

Kathy Wilson

Anytime you do something like this, you raise tensions in the institutions.

Jason Godin

Anytime you get in on something that's new and trendy, it's cool.

Jonathan Cain

We know who you are and you can expect a knock on your door anytime soon.

Mike Holden

Anytime you have the opportunity to do something (like this), you should go for it. Todd's a great guy and it's a great opportunity.

David Carlson

The comment that probably caught everyone off guard is 'We don't see a rebound anytime soon,' .

Chris Chaney

Anytime you have anything that even smacks of scandal, I think it hurts all of us.

Joel Hefley

They've got a lot of momentum on their side right now and we don't see that momentum stopping anytime soon.

Joseph Barker

They really ran well today. Anytime you can break a record, you have to be pleased.

Ryan Long

Anytime you get the water out of the natural confinements of that dam, you got a problem.

Guy Mcbride

We can learn something new anytime we believe we can.

Virginia Satir

Anytime you play somebody from the SEC it's going to be a good fight.

Ryne Malone

Anytime you can get the first run against a quality pitcher it's a big run.

Scott Winton

One thing you will probably remember well is anytime you forgive and forget.

Franklin P. Jones

The car is a lot better than it's been at anytime since we started.

Michael Colucci

I'll offer my goalie mask to him anytime he needs it.

Cam Ward

Anytime we take that many threes, we're not winning.

John Calipari

I would take that anytime.

Miner Harkness

Anytime you don't have to put people in the middle, you get a better process.

Christine Pratt

Anytime you put us on the same field you are going to have a lot of outstanding performances.

Ron Allice

Anytime you can get the short field, that has a lot do with (winning).

Matt Lindsay

The best time to get a pet is anytime you're ready for it.

Suzanne Zutter

Anytime you win you've got to feel great.

Patty Coyle

Anytime you can get a win against Morris, it's big. We had our chances yesterday and didn't get the clutch hit. Today we did.

Cole Tyrell

I'm expecting it to be very soon, and it could be anytime now.

Robert Newman

I will fight him (Barrera) anytime.

Manny Pacquiao

Anytime it's that symmetrical, it's very, very healthy.

Jack Parrish

And we don't see that the industrialization of China is about to slow anytime soon.

Daniel Broby

Anytime that you do your best, it's fun and afterwards you feel good.

Jean Brunnenkant

I don't think we're going to have a hundred-billionaire anytime soon.

Luisa Kroll

Anytime I watch a movie that's set in the 1980s, oftentimes there's equipment from that era, and sometimes you'll see something from HP.

Jon Johnston

Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen anytime soon.

Jim Egan

We don't see it going down anytime soon.

Tom Speck

Anytime you do a movie with a cost of $200 million, you have a risk.

Dennis Mcalpine

Anybody can get anything, anytime, anywhere, ... unique and inspirational.

Lois Huff

Anytime we try and contact any government agency on out here, we get the runaround.

Jerry Harvey

Anytime you win, I feel like OK, we got through this one, let's get to the next one.

Tim Reinking

When she takes it strong to the basket, she can score on anybody at anytime.

Holly Ismail

Anytime you get second chances it is huge.

Dale Elfman

And you know, it's not going to get better anytime soon. It's going to get worse.

Myra Christopher

I don't think it will go away anytime soon.

Dr. Evelyn Becker

The attack, if it comes, could come anytime after the afternoon and the evening of the 5th.

Ken Dunham

Anytime you get the quarterback, it feels good.

A.j. Hawk

Anytime there is frustration, it lights a fuse for anger.

Ephrem Fernandez

We've got a lot of fouls to give, and anytime they can step up and give us a little bit, it helps us out.

Ellis Berry