David Carlson
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"David Carlson" is an American composer.

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Part of the reason scientists stay in the comfort zone is that they can always say: well we don't know enough.

We will know what the West Antarctic ice sheet is going to do. We will know what the Greenland ice sheet is going to do.

If we want to take polar research to the next level, for example, understanding the implications of melting ice caps for ocean circulation, for different societies and economies, and how human activities contribute to these changes, we need scientists working across disciplines and international boundaries.

Anytime you have the opportunity to do something (like this), you should go for it. Todd's a great guy and it's a great opportunity.

I can guarantee that we will have a much more accurate sea level prediction.

It looks like people want real fixes. This is major work to implement this level of due process to a very complex program.

They weren't surprised with a lot of things brought to their attention. But it didn't sound like anything of substance was going to happen.

They still have to have the desire to go in and do something.

We see the whole event as a real jump. Instead of more of the same, we want this to be a real focus. Our voice is going to be much stronger.