Nobody has been killed or seriously injured yet, but that's the reason we're doing the recall to make sure that doesn't happen, ... Any recall we do we would like to do it before anybody gets seriously injured, that's the goal.

It doesn't hurt for a parent to show up on Open House, the first day of school, like I will be doing this year and checking those kinds of things out.

They're going to fall off of playground equipment no matter what the circumstances.

The good news is that parents can help significantly reduce deaths and injuries to children by taking simple safety precautions such as making sure their kids wear helmets, ride only on smooth surfaces and avoid riding at night.

Anytime you can get odds like that, you've got to take them.

We have a guideline that requires this rung to be at least 9 1/2 inches wide.

We haven't had any fatalities with this particular product, ... But whenever we see broken limbs, particularly when it's in a situation where it's your bed, it's a very serious problem.

We've made our list and want consumers to check it twice, ... Preventing needles tragedies and providing a safe environment are the best holiday gifts parents can provide their children.

The penalty process is just one piece of the process by which we keep families safe, ... The idea is not just to penalize, but to publicize those penalties to serve as a deterrent to those companies that might not meet safety standards or constitute substantial product hazards.