The exchange has clearly demonstrated its robust strength as an independent business, delivering strong results despite the backdrop of an offer period and the significant resources this has entailed.

Anytime they're building around here is good for us, so we get more work.

The other employees love Chris. They take care of him, and they make sure he's doing OK.

Pittsburgh just gets a rough card here because people tend to be prejudiced about what Pittsburgh is.

Chris is very dedicated, very well liked, and he cares about what he does.

We believe AIM?s destiny is to provide Europe with its growth market, building sound foundations for enterprise and growth across Europe, stimulating new economic activity and reducing the cost of capital in the European economy.

We plan six wells at present, but if successful, we will attempt to extend the drilling contract and drill one or more sidetracks from each surface location to establish the reserves of each prospect area such that additional platforms can be designed and installed.

We have a lot of safety measures in place already, so I feel pretty comfortable with those.

Some people like the challenge of trying to compete under certain environmental conditions, and if that's the case, ... then Badwater is right up your alley.