The hammer was the most competitive event on the women's end because Oregon brought their best. We went 1-3 and they went 2-4.

Sometimes that's a nebulous thing, too, because it may be just a mark that's submitted based upon what (an athlete has) done thus far and some people get in an A section based upon what they did last year and not where they are this year.

Anytime you put us on the same field you are going to have a lot of outstanding performances.

I have tried to accommodate a lot of people including some unattached people, which I shouldn't have done. I should have said no right from the beginning, but once you open a crack in the door, the next thing you know there's a stampede and I'm laying on the floor and they're walking right over me.

The men have been pretty patient, because they weren't in the indoor competitions (like the women's team). They were hungry to show where they stand.