"Thomas "Tom" Duffy" was an Irish people/Irish hurling/hurler who played as a goalkeeper for the Tipperary GAA/Tipperary senior team.

Duffy made his first appearance for the team during the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship 1923/1923 championship and was a regular member of the starting fifteen until his retirement after the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship 1927/1927 championship. During that time he won one All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship/All-Ireland medal and two Munster Senior Hurling Championship/Munster medals.

At club level Duffy enjoyed a lengthy career with Lorrha-Dorrha GAA/Lorrha-Dorrha.

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We need to play four quarters of solid basketball. We've played a good half or even three quarters in games, but we haven't closed teams out.

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The first annual Gore family dinner.