"Jake Tony Sinclair" is an English professional Association football/footballer who plays as a Forward (association football)#Striker/striker for Southampton F.C./Southampton in the Premier League.

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Anytime you can beat Murray State it's memorable.

There are always critics. Out of high school there are people who say you can't go on and play. I came here, I worked my tail off and proved everybody wrong who said I couldn't play here.

Some games I'll make a shot and get the team going or other games I might not need to take a shot. That's my role, and I've accepted that.

I ate as many of them as I wanted. I worked there.

Once you get to this level, there are so many good basketball players. You have to find what's going to get you on the court, playing defense, getting rebounds, diving on loose balls, the hustle plays.

I've had so much fun. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

As a kid growing up you watch those teams. Then you're there and think ?wow, this is amazing.' But then you have to go out there and play.