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But no perfection is so absolute, That some impurity doth not pollute.

William Shakespeare

My business is not to remake myself, But make the absolute best of what God made.

Robert Browning

Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat.

John Lehman

The absolute good is not a matter of opinion but of nature.


They're an absolute blessing for our school.

Toby Miller

Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power.

Eric Hoffer

No one has called me from any place, and that's the absolute truth.

Rick Hartzell

Absolute abuse of power and an act of arrogance.

Charles Wells

It's absolute tokenism ... it's a pittance.

Schapelle Corby

The absolute necessity is diversity has to be in portfolios.

Bud Kasper

It will be harder to retain the absolute superstars.

Ivo Welch

I'm in absolute shock. It seems that 2006 has been the year for me.

Leisel Jones

And I have to say I knew when I first saw him that was the absolute end.

Friederike Boszko

The shuttle was an absolute disaster.

Bill Donabedian

It was a disaster. An absolute, total, public relations disaster.

Amy Walsh

It is a joke, an absolute nonsense to even suggest such things.

Ben Thatcher

I sat there in absolute awe.

Doug Trantham

Make sure the bank gives you an absolute commitment.

Paul Hense

Art lives where absolute freedom is because when it is not, there can be no creativity.

Bruce Lee

I never set out to beat the world. I just set out to do my absolute best.

Al Oerter

I restate my absolute and unreserved apology.

John Brogden

Internet: absolute communication, absolute isolation.

Paul Carvel

It's the absolute end of an era. He was the last of that generation. No one else is left.

Warren Miller

Absolute truth belongs to Thee alone.

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Holding absolute power is heresy in Islam.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Most people are wary of the absolute lowest rate.

Charles Collins

Absolute in his love for the church.

Adam Maida

Privacy is not something that I'm merely entitled to, it's an absolute prerequisite.

Marlon Brando

It's an absolute tribute to how hard Kim has worked.

Allison Mcneill

Would you agree that Darwin's theory is not the absolute truth?

Robert Muise

They leave an absolute mess.

Jack Cox

An absolute hammer blow.

Peter Taylor

I don't know that we're the absolute edge, but we want to be a leader.

Susan Mcdermott

It is absolute rubbish.

Barbara Charone

She is absolutely herself. And that's just an absolute fact.

Jim Scantlin

We have seen an absolute explosion in the number of hybrids out there since about 2004.

Joan Morris

This is an absolute blast!

Anne Heche

Power Corrupts, Absolute Power is kind of neat.

John F. Lehman, Jr.

None of the property rights that we have is absolute.

Allan Wolf

There is no other way we can describe it, other than to say it would be an absolute mess.

Tom Gosiorowski

Absolute disaster ... I'm hopeful that it will represent the low point.

Gerard Arpey

The only marketing statements about Beaujolais are that it's here and it's the absolute first.

John Gillespie

The absolute numbers are in the opposite direction.

Joseph Hoffman

It was an absolute miracle that nobody got killed.

Steve Terwin

I'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.

J. D. Salinger

It was just a blur ... just an absolute blur.

Bill Malone

There's so much absolute hope now. She's full of miracles and she's a fighter.

Denise Monteiro

Absolute nonsense. There's no truth or substance whatsoever to these charges.

Conrad Black

Absolute power is the power to destroy.

Frank Herbert

She looked at me with absolute disgust.

Susan Ross

One person said, 'It is unbelievable. It is an absolute madhouse,'.

Robin Hayes

I think this has an absolute chilling effect.

Lucy Dalglish

Heat is not a luxury. It is an absolute must-have.

Joe Gallagher

On absolute pure form, there could have been no argument.

Matt Dawson

We cannot say it with absolute certainty due to the quality of the tape but (it) is most likely him.

Bill Harlow

When it comes to words, Cindy is an absolute expert.

Jeff Smoller

I try to do my absolute best for the people who come see me play.

Billy Sheehan

This has been an absolute nightmare for these young men and their families.

Robert Ekstrand

This is a witch hunt. It's an absolute witch hunt on innocent people.

William Wiyakaska

He's an absolute expert. He's the best in Australia.

Peter Lord

It was squalor, absolute squalor. Bug infestations, trash on the floor.

Frank Johnston

Where the private market can work, that is our absolute preference.

Julie Rochman

The boys came as a shock. It was an absolute shock.

Joe Biddy

They're absolute miracles. After looking at that building, they shouldn't be here.

Jim Denny

[Williams said it was] an absolute honor ... one of the highlights of my life.

Ronald Young

An absolute heart of gold.

David Ridge

He's an absolute warrior. He is a gladiator out there.

Nick Vitucci

It would amaze you the absolute complexity of restaurant IT needs.

Bill Fitzpatrick

Care is an absolute. Prevention is the ideal.

Christopher P. Howson

I was just in shock. Absolute shock. I couldn't believe it.

Ernie Sims

She definitely had her opinions, an absolute firebrand.

Elaine Tarr

Back to Basics was absolute humbug, wasn't it?

Edwina Currie

That's an absolute cheek. You won't win this elections this way.

Edmund Stoiber