Absolute abuse of power and an act of arrogance.

Considering everything that's going on, he just can't concentrate on track and field.

More patronage positions to put their friends in.

When all else failed, the governor did the right thing.

This administration has not learned a thing from this investigation.

It was something that was very minor. She worked out and thought she was ready to go. She got to the track and it started bothering her, and she decided not to risk it.

My reading of that case is that the U.S. Supreme Court has said that the state legislature has plenary power, full power, in respect to appointment of presidential electors and that power cannot be eroded even by the state constitution.

This case has reached the point where finality must take precedence over continued judicial process.

If they want a fight in January, they'll get it, ... From what I'm hearing today, there is an overwhelming sentiment of anger by state employees at the governor.