Given that it's cheering her on to win, hopefully, and she is not competing, we didn't think the ad was still relevant.

It's an obvious place to communicate the offer. It's also a great way to celebrate our tie-in with the Olympics.

When we left the Oscars seven years ago we had never written off being associated again with the Oscars. We are looking more at entertainment lifestyle marketing as the way we market Diet Coke.

I don't know that we're the absolute edge, but we want to be a leader.

Since she's no longer competing, we won't be using that ad. It doesn't make sense.

We view the Oscars as destination programming and a great place to feature advertising for our brands.

With the timing of this new marketing campaign, it was just such a great fit to put more of the focus on Coke.

It was a great way to build awareness and it fit perfectly with the holidays. People always enjoy getting something for free. We saw high repeat usage scores as a result of consumers redeeming the coupons.

Those programs attract large audiences and are seen as showcases for advertising.