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Because I've been allowed to stay long enough, I think that's part of the reason that this has occurred, along with, obviously, having some very fine players who've worked their tails off to build this program and bring about stability in this program.

Al Skinner

I don't necessarily like the position we're in, but we're going to do what we can do to win basketball games. No matter how...we're going to finish the season with class. We're going to play our tails off, and we're not going to let our guys quit.

Scott Nagy

We're beginning to catch a few good trout along the south shoreline. But it's still very slow fishing with various mullet imitation plugs and Old Bayside tails in white/chartreuse or shad colors.

Skip James

It's awesome, a blessing. Our receivers were down field blocking their tails off. And I had big holes.

Justin Forsett

It means everything to be in the 'Chase' two years in a row, ... It certainly says a lot for our race team. Everybody at Evernham Motorsports has worked so hard to get us where we needed to be. They have just worked their tails off this year.

Jeremy Mayfield

Everyone has worked their tails off. And that's why they're here.

Sean O'hair

In a horrified silence he stood up, and to renewed applause, danced a little jig. He returned to the stage a final time, ostentatiously dusting off his tails to demonstrate that he was OK.

Richard Dyer

They were kids [black and white] who had never been in touching distance of each other and knew nothing about each other . . . One kid said his father told him black kids had tails. He found out we don't.

Herman Boone

We could dance around the topic of how we were getting coverage of the latest crisis involving Canadians in Indonesia while seeming to concentrate on heads and tails.

Peter Buckley

Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.

Max Eastman

Our guys competed their tails off. We gave ourselves a chance with the right people shooting the ball. If I were to make any excuses, it would be that Jason and Richard had to log a lot of minutes. Those minutes will catch up to your legs and affect shots at the end of a game.

Lawrence Frank

I'm just a hoofer with a spare set of tails.

Fred Astaire

People are really working their tails off to get production back up and repair Katrina damage.

Tony Lentini

They just kicked our tails. They wanted it more than we did.

Dudley Etheridge

We've only got six kids on our roster, so we don't have a lot of depth, ... But these kids play their tails off, especially at the defensive end of the floor, and we haven't had a problem scoring points, which makes for a pretty good combination.

David Brewer

When we came back from the Christmas break, there was a whole different chemistry with the guys, a whole different attitude. They continually came back and kept working hard. We've tried to get better every day, which has been our goal, and they've worked their tails off.

Dave Ryder

The thing we're going to hear all year is about our distance kids, and well-deserved. They worked their tails off. Coming off a great fall, they're hungry. The fall was nice, but they want to do something on the track.

Kevin Harrington

Obviously on paper it's a lot better (to be 4-1). I'm incredibly proud of the kids and where they've put themselves. The kids have worked their tails off. Now we've got to finish it.

Bill Boyd

We were frustrated, but we had good looks. It seemed like the harder we worked, the worst it was ... It wasn't because we weren't working hard, we worked our tails off.

Jim Noyes

Our kids competed their tails off.

Bob Barrett