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In the arena of human life the honours and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities.


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Oregon eliminated property and payroll factors in determining corporate income tax, which rewards new investment in property and equipment.

Caroline Pecquet

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The important thing to remember, ... is that you will lose money in the stock market at some point - but the overall rewards are hard to beat.

Adriane Berg

But the Cahill family has played basketball since they were little, and we're reaping the rewards now.

Heidi Libby

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I like the fact that it rewards someone who hits it straight, ... It doesn't reward the longer hitters any more than the shorter hitters.

David Mckenzie

There are in nature neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences.

Robert Ingersoll

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The medals don't mean anything and the glory doesn't last. It's all about your happiness. The rewards are going to come, but my happiness is just loving the sport and having fun performing.

Jackie Joyner Kersee

Albertans are reaping the rewards of the decisions that they stood behind a dozen years ago.

Shirley Mcclellan

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We are proud to support the mission of Waterfowl U.S.A. with a card that gives members the rewards they choose while supporting the organization with each purchase. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship for Waterfowl U.S.A. and its members.

Tanya Turner

Fiscal year 2002 will likely prove to be challenging under any circumstances, but we believe longer-term rewards outweigh potential risks.

Rebecca Runkle

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I give all the credit to the boys. None of them ever, no matter how bad it was that year (2004), quit. They all kept the faith and now they are reaping the rewards.

Tom Locascio

We can't have a DJ every day, but they sure enjoyed it. At the raffle desk, we had people sign up for the rewards card. Those are potential repeat customers.

David Atlee

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The consequences that cause people to do their best every day occur every day. Delayed rewards are far less effective, even if theyre larger.

Aubrey Daniels

We have always strived for excellence with our products, so it's satisfying to be involved with an organization that rewards excellence in its industry.

Michael Wright

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Those who commence deliberately. They plod on. They stick to it. They persevere and finally reap their rewards.

Charles E. Popplestone

It's always easy to convert industrial to housing because the rewards to a developer for housing are significant enough to pay for the change of use. But when you insert artists . . . typically they are not able to support the kind of prices the housing developers can. That will make implementation there a bit more challenging.

John Weis

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We believe the company is poised to begin to reap the rewards of these investments in 2005, and we think this will likely be reflected in superior levels of earnings growth over the comings years.

Patricia Baker

PRISON, n. A place of punishments and rewards. The poet assures us that -- 'Stone walls do not a prison make,' but a combination of the stone wall, the political parasite and the moral instructor is no garden of sweets.

Ambrose Bierce

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It was a really good quarter. It seemed to be driven by better results out of New Orleans .... and the Caesar's integration into Total Rewards appears to be capturing a lot of customers.

Smedes Rose

You don't do a job like this all your life because you like it. You do it because there are rewards. And that's what they want to take away from us.

Tom Mitchell

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