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It enables us to have more danger in more areas of the field. For example, we had Pat Taylor at wing on Friday. It spreads out the attack a little bit.

Joe Krantz

If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.

Noel Coward

I talked to him (Ralf) on Friday, he was very positive, he wants to get back in the car.

Mario Theissen

We will be running the Lady Razorback on Thursday, and the Razorback on Friday.

Pat Pope

We need to take care of business on Friday. We can't look ahead.

Anthony Palumbo

There are a couple of issues yet. We had both the electrical and civil sanitary engineer here last Friday.

Scott Langel

I?m confident our defense is going to play a lot better Friday.

Jeff Olson

It's the booking department, which is all a corporate level thing. We have no say in what we get. We just get told what we're opening on Friday and what we're dropping.

Jay Justus

We have to keep it monotone. We don't want to get burned out on Friday.

Brandon Bruce

We have begun the evaluation process she has seen a psychiatrist on Friday. It's my understanding the evaluation is not being close to being completed.

Leslie Ballin

The weather was terrible. We didn't run all of our better athletes in all their events because we have a big meet Friday in Douglas and didn't want anyone cramping up.

Mozelle Williams

She jolly well does exist. And I'll get you her picture by next Friday!

Anthony Blair

The best days to see the most tennis will be Friday through Sunday.

Brian Wyrick

Mainly, all of the moisture will be falling Friday afternoon through late Saturday.

Jamie Smith

We'll find out how well we're playing Friday night.

Dell Leonard

We're going to evaluate him on a daily basis. The earliest he could be back (for a game) would be Friday.

Mark Harmon

(On Friday), he said his arm hurt. But he was ready to pitch today.

Andy Gentry

Saying we're never going to play on Friday night again? Absolutely not.

Dan Schreiber

[They arrived to open arms on Friday, Sept. 1.] Everybody is so good to us here, ... It's marvelous.

Dorothy Berry

Of course nobody can be Brad but Brad himself. We'll see that firsthand Friday.

Tyrone Nix