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If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain of the lawyers in the first place.

Sir George Savile

A countryman between two lawyers is like a fish between two cats.

Benjamin Franklin

Those of us who watched him in the courtroom know that win or lose, he is one of the best trial lawyers in the country.

David Berg

There is an increasing sense that defense lawyers have become an arm of prosecutors. Their job will be to investigate and report to the government.

Robert Litt

Taylor's lawyers say they are still assembling his defense team, and they are not qualified to say whether he can appear.

Desiree Leppens

This is the first time we have filed a lawsuit against American companies in an American court, where the lawyers for the plaintiff and the defendant will also be Americans. But VAVA is determined to pursue the case until justice is done.

Nguyen Trong Nhan

This jury is getting the message that the plaintiffs' lawyers have been sending them for two years now.

Mark Gottlieb

You can learn from them, you can see what is bothering people. ... The jokes are a screen on which people project their feelings about lawyers and the law.

Marc Galanter

Is a very touchy area for lawyers.

John Gleason

Defendants have the right to have counsel appointed for them. They don't have the right to insist on which lawyer will be appointed for them. As long as the lawyers are professional and competent, the judge is not going to let the defendant dictate to the judge which lawyer will represent him.

Barry Feld

I would imagine the government lawyers are as equally worried about his testimony as the defense lawyers.

Brad Lewis

I would be very surprised if some of these companies that have stakes in these projects don't already have their lawyers working on lawsuits.

James Williams

Henry Wade did inspire a lot of young lawyers.

Toby Shook

It's definitely out there. There are incompetent and even dishonest immigration lawyers working all over.

Matt Bernstein

I think there's going to be a lot of work for consumer advocates and lawyers as the new e-signature law unfolds.

Susan Grant

If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, doesn't it follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted?

George Carlin

Self-defense is the clearest of all laws, and for this reason: lawyers didn't make it.

Douglas William Jerrold

Know that you are making a difference, ... They are going to be future school board members, doctors, lawyers, pilots.

Suellen Reed

It was a joint effort by family and lawyers.

Lisa Lammi

The first thing his lawyers will do now is to fight to get him out of detention and on bail.

Jose Miguel Vivanco

Our lawyers say a strike is legal and we will strike if United breaks the law.

Dawn Deeks

We've said all along the real winners here will be the lawyers. This will drag out for years.

Christina Dona

The lawyers and investment bankers like the BlackBerry because they need fast information at their fingertips all the time.

Diana Hwang

This is where we'll see what the lawyers really get paid to do.

Kent Schaffer

Send lawyers, guns and money, the shit has hit the fan.

Warren Zevon

We're lucky in this part of Texas because the lawyers, for the most part, are like family.

Randy May

The way to find the real boss is to find out who hires the lawyers.

David Weinbaum

In a body [like Congress] where there are more than one hundred talking lawyers, you can make no calculation upon the termination of any debate.

Franklin Pierce Adams

We have to rub shoulders with other lawyers across the globe to know how they deal with vast legal issues.

Tom Ojienda

The jurors are crying, our clients are crying and the lawyers are trying to keep from crying.

Gerald Shargel

I'm going to ask the lawyers if we can call each gallon a violation. Hey, when you price by the gallon ...

Bill Cloud

Frey lied to us, lied to his lawyers, and lied to his fans.

William Bastone

This is all about runaway litigation and trial lawyers forcing businesses to make unfortunate decisions for fear of lawsuits.

Jon Harmon

All of those Civil War soldiers same to be the first legislators and lawyers, sheriffs,doctors and teachers...

Andy Masich

I have to be careful what I say because it has gone to the lawyers. That was the first time I have felt real negativity and it shocked me.

Sir Clive Woodward

That's not something the lawyers and police have to worry about. That's something the council will have to handle.

Tom Morrison

You can't tell me that some of these lawyers aren't motivated purely by greed.

Gretchen Schaefer

He's been committed to elevating the level of defense practice. His leadership has resulted in lawyers doing a better job, knowing what to do and what not to do.

Michael Donahoe

There is never a deed so foul that something couldn't be said for the guy; that's why there are lawyers.

Melvin Belli

No other profession is subject to the public contempt and derision that sometimes befalls lawyers. the bitter fruit of public incomprehension of the law itself and its dynamics.

Irving R. Kaufman

It is for this reason I have instructed lawyers to issue the petition on his behalf.

Terry Hicks

The point is to be OK with your stuttering - and meet adults who stutter who are doctors and lawyers and engineers.

Amy Johnson

A great many college graduates come here thinking of lawyers as social engineers arguing the great Constitutional issues.

Archibald Cox

Lawyers are the only persons in whom ignorance of the law is not punished.

Jeremy Bentham

Kay overruled cautious lawyers and directed the Post.

Arthur Schlesinger

When lawyers for different government entities disagree, that's the appropriate measure to take. When the opinion is issued, we'll be happy to comply with it.

Deb Kottel

I'm not interested in using Louisiana tax dollars to fund abortion lawyers.

Dorinda Bordlee

You have certainly set an example that our profession would be better off if all lawyers would emulate the service you have rendered.

Robert Ingram

Why would I need to sue? The lawyers are saying we're in a bind. We didn't lose money.

Joel Holliday

We have hired employment lawyers to come up with model language for contracts. We are hopeful this will be emulated by others in the industry.

Karina Litvack

Marriage is really tough because you have to deal with feelings... and lawyers.

Richard Pryor

We have one staff person. We have one investigator. We have no capital case defense lawyers, no office, no telephones, no computers.

Laurie White

The government of the United States is and always has been a lawyer's government.

Chauncey Depew

Lawyers can't just get off a plane and walk with their briefcases into the courtroom.

Peter Andersen

Karen is one of two or three lawyers to whom major aerospace and defense contractors turn when they face problems with costs and compliance issues, one of the most complicated areas of government contracts. We are absolutely delighted to bring her on board.

Joseph West

The university lawyers have a form they've made up.

William Bass

No splints yet invented will heal a lawyer's broken reputation.

Paul O'neil

This move is to put the defense team on a proper legal foundation and when the family appoints lawyers it then knows who is whom.

Abdel Haq Alani

They've got their lawyers, there's about a group of 40 guards and now they're looking for a defense.

Juan Fernandez

Credit counseling organizations now know what the bankruptcy lawyers and other experts said all along: Congress got it dead wrong when it passed the bankruptcy law.

Brad Botes

They're not professional lawyers going out there with petitions making sure every 't' is crossed and every 'i' is dotted.

Al Bowman

Most lawyers are very deferential to judges, whether they like it or not, because they have to practice in front of them, ... David was never afraid to tell me about something that I had done that he didn't agree with.

Frank Conley

I find it curious that the NRC lawyers actually aggressively try to exclude citizens from the process.

Richard Webster

The bigger the class [of individuals suing], the bigger the award, the bigger the cut that the lawyers get.

Gretchen Schaefer

Doctors are the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you too.

Anton Chekhov

You can?t go to work if you are in a lawyer?s office.

Jay Zagorsky

We return phone calls. The biggest criticism of lawyers is that they don't return phone calls. I will return it the same day.

Stephen Ure

But, for better or for worse, most of the cases I have been involved in lately are divorce cases that have turned ugly and [the lawyers] feel there is critical information on the computers.

Gary Kessler

He's left completely flat-footed. The last he knew, there were civil lawyers working on difficulties that have arisen.

Joe Stogner

We have a group of very expensive lawyers working on this investigation, including through weekends. Given that, I don't know what more we can do.

John Biggs

He repeatedly asked to go to jail. He appeared intoxicated, according to the report. He said he was going to have a million-dollar NFL contract and that his lawyers would take care of it.

Keith Kameg

You'll have to ask the lawyers.

Michael Scheuer

We're having our lawyers look into it.

Alan Walters

Both his family and his lawyers are overjoyed that he is being released immediately and will be at home soon.

David Spears

He got the documents from lawyers at the Treasury Department when he made a request after he left.

Ron Suskind

I harbor no animosity with anyone there. But I hold lawyers to a higher standard, and I think I've been fair to both sides.

Joseph Failla

You need more people up there (in Austin) who are not lawyers. You need real businessmen. There is a fear in the establishment of people like me getting up there.

Gary Gates

We're letting the lawyers do the talking.

Mike Triplett

The fact is that they [Blue Man Group] brought in a law firm to fight us on negotiations and the election. Unfortunately, the law firm is very anti-union. And they have a large group of lawyers on their payroll.

Tim Mcdonald

That is obviously the product of discussion with lawyers.

Anthony Grabiner

It is unfair to believe everything we hear about lawyers, some of it might not be true.

Gerald F. Lieberman

The defendants have great lawyers, and great lawyers have to be good storytellers.

David Berg

It will be October or later before we do anything now. We've left everything in the hands of lawyers.

Bill Tolford

We are one big family. We have people from all backgrounds - teachers, lawyers and doctors.

James Ferguson

I didn't ask my lawyers or the (district attorney) about this. This is something I want.

Pat Russin

Criminal defense lawyers cringe at a witness going back a fourth time, ... feel if they don't cooperate it could mean their job.

Kirby Behre

Lawyers, I suppose, were children once.

Charles Lamb

I think with the lawyers that are being hired, things will take care of itself, ... There will be a search put on to find who Bob's replacement is and that's the way it should have been done in the first place.

Tie Domi

It's a huge victory for tobacco lawyers.

Bill Novelli

Do you actually have lawyers here?

Cyrus Kar

It would be a gold mine for lawyers.

Gordon Quan

He was at the defense table, and he fell out in the floor between the defense table and the bench where lawyers sit.

Duncan Mcmillan

There's lots of stuff about me being a fan of Cliff but not being gay. Which suggests that he is, but he's not. Anyway, this is Channel 4, let their lawyers sort it out.

Johnny Vegas

The [borough] lawyers back then were very smart.

Al Telsey

If you have certain rules and restrictions, your opponents will file complaints and you'll have to hire lawyers.

Michael Toner

There are lawyers here on Cape Cod who only want to take your money.

William Joyce

He hasn't been arrested. He's in a meeting with his lawyers.

Heather Bennett

Lawyers earn their bread in the sweat of their browbeating.

James Huneker

He really taught people how to be lawyers in the best tradition.

Peter Ritchie

When I first started, I said 'Yes, sir and no, sir.' Now, the lawyers say, 'Yes, sir and no, sir.' Now, we're even older than most of the judges.

Randy May

That the decision is taken away from the voters, and as in 2000 turned over to the lawyers and the courts.

John Fund

The number could increase. So many lawyers are sympathizers.

Saor Siagiaan

With trial lawyers, rapport with the jury is very important. An out-of-state lawyer may find it more difficult to connect with a jury, but it's all about preparation.

Howard Erichson

Most of the time it's the big criminal lawyers that take care of those cases.

Joe Clark

Health care isn't fundamentally different in the way we approach things, but because of the rapid pace of change and the complexity of it all, it puts an extra impetus on lawyers to stay on top of things.

Don Schmidt

In Palm Springs, they think homelessness is caused by bad divorce lawyers.

G. B. Trudeau

The lawyers in my firm are asking me, 'I'm not going to lose service, am I?' Man, people are wiggin' out.

Frank Gillman

He is going to try by all means to hire his own team of lawyers. He has already decided to retain some of the lawyers who came yesterday.

Arthur Saye

I think the lawyers should see their film before they make up their mind. But it's a Hollywood film and we shouldn't mistake it for history.

Jeremy Mcinerney

Everybody has had not their day in court, they've had their years in court, ... It's shameful that the victims of this state, in fact, have to not fear the courts, not the defense lawyers, not the defendants, but they have to fear their very own governor.

Kevin Lyons

We'll comply with court orders and if something else needs to be done, we will work with our lawyers.

Dan Jiron

The 15 defendants did not have independent lawyers, they had state-appointed lawyers, who [reportedly] acted like prosecutors.

Tolib Yakubov

Our lawyers are reviewing the legal issue. We are confident that this added time will be highly beneficial.

Jerry Russo

Dees and the SPLC lawyers are the leading lawyers in the country in fighting hate crimes through damage litigation.

Arthur Bryant

Two hundred seventy dollars was the total cost. Most lawyers charge that for an hour.

Keith Bowermaster

Nobody knew about his whereabouts, including his lawyers, as no one had access to him.

Tolib Yakubov

Have a chilling effect on the willingness of competent lawyers to vigorously defend the accused in these cases.

Richard Dicker

Our lawyers are looking at it. We'll see if anything can be done.

Michael Schirp

Homeowner flood insurance is woefully inadequate in most cases. There's a lot of talk about lawyers bringing class actions for homeowners in the entire gulf coast that were devastated by high water -- I'll file one myself if I have to.

Richard Scruggs

Science and math are scary to a lot of lawyers.

Gary Clements

Judges and lawyers can play games like this at their office. These are penny games here. It's more for fun than anything else.

Doug Mcmanus

You remind me of lawyers who appear in my courtroom.

David Dowd

Our lawyers have come up with all kinds of scenarios. A lot of possibilities have arisen and we have a lot of internal options floating around that I can't talk about.

Pat Brisson

This is probably the most important phase of jury selection, and jury selection may be the most important phase of the trial, ... This will be the chance for lawyers to see whether these are jurors with an agenda.

Laurie Levenson

Divorce is a game played by lawyers.

Cary Grant

There are Bar exams and such for lawyers. There is no clear line like that for journalists.

Howard Friedman

It's probably one of those nuanced things that will take lawyers a little time to sort out.

Larry Simmons

This has been working so well for so long without lawyers.

Paul Davidson

You hear the justices talking, you hear the lawyers arguing before the court. It's really interesting.

Richard Stengel

I have no first hand experience with these lawyers, but according to Ray's papers, the RIAA has hired two sets of lawyers, one to be good cop and one to be bad.

Jason Schultz

Accommodations in Higher Education Under the Americans with Disabilities Act: A No-Nonsense Guide for Clinicians, Educators, Administrators, and Lawyers.

Michael Gordon

But I will continue my battle for liberty in other ways, with he help of the lawyers who assist me.

Paolo Di Canio

She was the lawyer at the American Bar Association that was keeping the lawyers ethical. What better person do we want? She's got the practical experience.

Ronne Froman

Will empower consumers, not empower lawyers.

John Boehner

The biker culture has changed and includes professionals, doctors, lawyers; and they spend a lot of money. It's a win-win situation for us.

Wayne Arnold

We told her lawyers it was not coerced. We are surprised to learn we had anything to do with her incarceration.

Joseph Tate

With all due respect to lawyers, it's wonderful that you have this intricate knowledge. You break down words to the nth degree. And sometimes I find it rather disgusting. And it goes on and on.

Sonny Bono

Don't just listen to the lawyers. You know in your heart it's time to get this behind you, avoid the nightmare of more proceedings up on the Hill.

David R. Gergen

To some lawyers all facts are created equal.

Felix Frankfurter

The appropriate channel is for the accusations to come through the court and for the lawyers to receive a copy of the indictment.

Issam Ghazawi

Lawyers spend a great deal of their time shoveling smoke.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

The photo is to remind me that even lawyers need to give clients the benefit of the doubt.

Barbara Keshen

Somebody is supplying these lawyers. They've got an agenda.

Cliff Herberg

I would say Ken Lay has been grilled by his own lawyers to avoid opening the door.

Brian Wice

War is the statesman's game, the priest's delight, the lawyer's jest, the hired assassin's trade.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Let's face it, a lot of these bankruptcy lawyers are heartless. They'll tell people to go ahead and file because they'll get a fee out of it.

Joseph Meyer

Litigants, not lawyers, direct and control class-action litigation, ... It is clear to the court that this has not been occurring in this case.

Mark Wolf

The lawyer's first thought in the morning is how to handle the case of the ringing alarm clock.

Edward Packard, Jr.

As you know, lawyers sometimes need to run to the courthouse on short notice. It's much easier to run a couple of blocks than to jump in a car.

Dan Donovan

It's me, a private citizen, against three lawyers. It will be a lot more difficult, but the Ethics Commission has a responsibility to hear all the evidence.

John Kane

Most lawyers may never try four juries in their lifetime. I get four felonies in four days. Again, that's my job, that's what we get paid for.

Eric Weis

People grumble about it, and they may complain to a lawyer they know, but they don't really know what the rules for lawyers are. But there have been a number of instances where the disciplinary counsel has had to negotiate with lawyers about their ads.

Elliot Hicks

While lawyers are working on an appeal and figure out a strategy, we will not comment further.

Elaine Makatura

We had four different lawyers look at this language, and we've come up with four different answers.

Edward Whitfield