How in heaven's name can a nation with a $1 trillion surplus threaten so much scientific research so vital to its future?

We know that second terms have historically been marred by hubris and by scandal.

If Karl Rove were indicted, that would be like George W. Bush losing his right arm at a time when he needs every limb he's got to climb out of the hole he's in and to rebuild his presidency.

When he hung up on Nancy Reagan, that's when he crossed his final threshold.

There has been this legitimate concern that he has been isolated. It is a smart move on his part to do this. Presidents in the past have frequently called in the old guard. He gets the benefit of hearing different views and is seen as getting out the bubble.

I'm told by some people close to him that this will not be a Kerry-bashing speech. But he's not going to simply rally around Bush. Indeed it's going to be the story of an immigrant coming to this country and finding a country that's embraced him and a party that's embraced him.

Win or lose, he realized that it was going to be very difficult to govern and that the better part of valor was to step aside.

I don't think there's any other president in the modern era that has seen this kind of stability.

I was in the Nixon White House during Watergate, and we pretended that we were all about business as usual. And we had a president who was talking to the portraits. It was not business as usual, but you have to say it.

Changing the subject will not work. Giving more speeches about Iraq or the state of the economy doesn't have the weight that action does?. It's dangerous for the country to have a disabled president for three years, and we're getting close to seeing that happen. I worry that they [Bush and his aides] are in denial.

We've seen the hubris. And now we're seeing the scandals.

Ronald Reagan is clearly to television what Franklin Roosevelt was to radio.

If people stay that long, group-think can set in, and that's dangerous for a president.

This story's going to have legs if somebody gets indicted. I think the president has to lance the boil directly?. It starts with facing reality, accepting your share of responsibility without blinking.

There's an old saying that you can't open a new circus until the old circus leaves town. It was just inevitable that this is going to continue to hang over their heads because the investigation continues. The Libby-Rove-Cheney story continues to have legs, and it's going to continue to for some time. And the war still goes on.

Don't just listen to the lawyers. You know in your heart it's time to get this behind you, avoid the nightmare of more proceedings up on the Hill.

What you're seeing in the East Wing is normal turnover, and what you're seeing in the West Wing is abnormal. It's an aberration to have a team stay as long as this one has.