It's his honesty, ... I'd trust him with my life. He has so much integrity. He's a credit to racing.

If we can get motorists to view them as a deterrent to drinking and driving, that's great. But at the same time we don't want them to cause a distraction.

If you're not breathing or your heart's not beating, within four to six minutes you go from clinically dead to biologically dead.

We've been to Del Mar, Saratoga, following him wherever he rode.

Both his family and his lawyers are overjoyed that he is being released immediately and will be at home soon.

The reason why I'm joining the military is the fact (that) I want to serve my country and the fact that I've spent most of my time around being a military brat.

He's the best. He's the man. He's my son's hero.

I lost $20 on just about every game last season.

Mr. Stein relied on the hard work and advice of the tax experts who approved the strategies at issue and continues to have no reason to doubt the validity of the tax advice he ultimately provided.