"Veronica Froman-Blue," better known by her maiden name "Veronica "Ronne" Froman", is an American retired naval officer. She was the first woman to serve as commander of the United States Navy Region Southwest, a position known as the "Navy Mayor of San Diego". She retired from the Navy in 2001 with the rank of Rear admiral (United States)/rear admiral, after a 31-year career.

Following her retirement she took on several high-profile civilian positions in San Diego, California: chief of business operations for the San Diego City Schools/San Diego Unified School District; CEO of the local chapter of the American Red Cross; and the first Chief Operating Officer for the San Diego/city of San Diego. She is a strong supporter of the Monarch School (San Diego)/Monarch School, a public school for homeless youth; she is the past CEO and chairman of the school's board of directors and still serves on the board.

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My talent lies in putting teams together and helping those teams work.

She's honest. She's open. She'll tell you like it is. She has this inherent quality of knowing what's right. She takes it all very seriously.

She was the lawyer at the American Bar Association that was keeping the lawyers ethical. What better person do we want? She's got the practical experience.

Jerry very much wanted to have somebody who was sitting around his table advising us on the day-to-day stuff. We had no ethics person for the whole city staff, right down to the grass roots.