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Our seniors, they left in all on the floor. They battled.

Darrin Scott

I was a little disappointed that we didn't get more hits, but we battled.

Ted White

This was a great team win. We battled through adversity and proved we're more than a one man team.

Mike Rudd

We battled well and it was an excellent win.

Colin Quinn

I was pleased with our effort. We didn't win, but we battled back, and that kind of battle is what I'm looking for.

Ken Hawkins

(Sheridan) is a very talented team. But our kids really battled them.

Kevin O'connor

I'm proud of the way the kids came out. They battled all the way.

Joe Whitmer

He battled (today) and threw strikes when he needed to when he got in trouble.

Scott Justus

He battled them today. He didn't have his best stuff, but he battled. He's a tough kid.

Jeff Schulkens

We played a lot of defense -- we battled. But boy offensively, we struggled -- we couldn't do a thing.

Pete Zimmerman

Autry had us fooled most of the game. He battled us and we didn't battle back.

Ronnie Elmore

We battled away at times, but we are not creating chances and that is very disappointing.

Alan Shearer

We battled really hard with a man on third and nobody out (in the ninth).

Ted Jarmusz

The kids battled back and did some good things.

Steve Jaskulske

We battled back. We just couldn't come up with the big plays when we needed to.

Jason Russell

When they told her there was nothing they could do, she wouldn't give up. She battled it courageously, and with dignity.

Sue Little

We got stale but battled back and got into it in the fifth.

Jim Gaylor

They battled us all game. It was nice that we kept tacking on.

Jason Lane

(The Royals) battled back in Game 3. They were scrappy.

Shane Jones

Sometimes you win ugly, and I was proud of the way the girls battled back.

Mike Frisk

I really didn't putt well the first 9 or 10 holes. I'm proud of how I battled back from all of that.

Michele Redman

We battled, but there were times when you'd look up and all you'd see was maroon. We almost had to be perfect.

Dave Walker

He was a little rusty, but he battled and did a good job as usual.

Gary Long

We made a lot of errors early, then we battled back.

Joe Lee

We've really battled through this. Now we have a change to build Soccer City USA.

Dave Checketts

Both my pitchers battled the last two games and that's all I can ask for.

Dennis Long

We're very pleased with the battle. The guys were resilient and battled back all night.

Paul Jerrard

She battled real well. And she threw the ball well with nine strikeouts.

Ken Dischler

This is the hardest part of our schedule. Sadly we were 0-3 but we battled. I was happy with that.

Jon Judkins

We threw a kid out there who hasn't faced off all year, and he battled.

Jim Stagnitta

They battled. All of our girls wrestled above and beyond their capabilities.

Reggie Torres

The whole team played well and battled hard.

Manson Hill

It wasn't one of our best games, but we battled and won it.

Sean Mcdougal

She pitched ahead early and there at the end when she got behind, she always battled out of it.

Mike Beckley

It's a shame we came up on the short end, but our kids really battled.

David Payne

We came in and battled her (Shawn). I think we hit her better than anybody else has this year.

Dave Petrocelli

We came here to win the game. It just wasn't to be. We battled back at the end. We just couldn't get it done.

Kelly Hammel

We fought and we battled back. We had some chances, but we just couldn't come up with a big hit.

Steve Matyczyk

He's going to have to get used to that. I was proud of how we battled back. We had a chance.

Greg Daniels

That was a tough loss. But they battled back and I was proud of them.

Sammy Day

We came back and battled back, it was great. We have found a way to win again, so it was good.

Pascal Leclaire

He throws hard. I battled, but he threw me a good slider.

Nate Schierholtz

Our kids never gave up. We battled back.

Joe Blumberg

We had pitching and defensive breakdowns, but I?m proud of the way we battled back.

Jamie Pinkerton

It was good the way we battled back. We hung in there.

Jacob Hilgendorf

I just had good stuff and I went out there and battled.

Joel Pineiro

She didn't have her best stuff. But she battled through it. She wasn't as sharp as she normally is.

Becky Shafer