We had a couple of good offensive opportunities down the stretch there and we just couldn't capitalize. We started to panic a little bit for some reason. That and our free-throw shooting killed us.

Robert did a great job. Robert's a big body and he moves well. He stayed in front of him and he maybe wore him down a little bit. Robert just came in for six or seven minutes and gave it 100 percent and was able to deny him the ball and get his big body on him.

The kids battled back and did some good things.

He was struggling through most of the game, but at the end he was able to make shots and lead us.

In the third quarter, we came out and had a couple turnovers and a couple bad passes. Pretty soon, we were down 10. We were battling back and forth after that.

We had our chances in the fourth quarter, but we couldn't make our free throws and we let them back in the game. We made a lot of mistakes when we needed to take care of the ball. In games we lost, that's what we do.

We got that prayer answered tonight. Actually, I thought we played well enough during most of the game to win pretty easily. We missed a ton of easy shots, but that's been the story of this team. We've been inconsistent. We look like a million bucks one night and not so good the next.

There was tremendous defense on both sides. Scoring was at a premium.

We knew what they could do coming into this game. They're good. They are a good-ranked team at any division. They've got enough talent to play at any level.