Kyle pitched a good game and we're starting to hit the ball like I thought we could.

He was asked to come to some workouts and they liked him and offered him a scholarship.

He battled (today) and threw strikes when he needed to when he got in trouble.

He pitched very well. We got some hits, didn't make many mistakes and got good pitching. That's what you want.

Brandon didn't have his best stuff but just kept battling like he always does and Ryan did a good job closing it out. We're going to win more games on our pitching and I thought we did a good job except for a couple of pitches.

We've been hitting the ball better but our pitching is giving us a chance to win every game. That may the hardest Kyle has ever thrown. He was outstanding.

It was a wild game. I hope we don't have too many more like this.

We told the kids that they needed to deny Dan, but don't foul him. He's clearly their best free throw shooter and the person you don't want with the ball at the end of a game.