Shane Jones
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"Shane Geoffrey Jones" is a former New Zealand politician for the Labour party who is currently Ambassador for Pacific Economic Development.

Jones was a cabinet minister in the Fifth Labour Government of New Zealand. He contested the leadership of the Labour Party in New Zealand Labour Party leadership election, 2013/a 2013 leadership election but lost to rival David Cunliffe. He left Parliament at the end of May 2014.

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Winning needs to be a habit. We're tired of just competing. We're tired of just making it to tough games, we want to win the tough games.

It's absolutely imperative that allocation remains on track and occurs as quickly as possible.

(The Royals) battled back in Game 3. They were scrappy.

We didn't look real good, but we got the win.

Sometimes we take (Weaver) for granted, but any time your hitters look good, you've got to give a lot of credit to your setter,too.

You give a team five runs in an inning — well, we didn't give them to (Mountain Crest). We gave them a couple of runs, some runners on base and they came up with big hits.

If we look at our stats, it really was a team effort, you know. We had girls coming off the bench and serving aces.

The girls didn't seem to panic at all. They are mentally strong, and they'll side out if they have to.

The first match (Hunter) kept tipping to the same spot, and we lost because of it. The second match we did a better job of covering on tipped balls. I think we learned a little bit.