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That they are supposed to talk to an attorney, that there is a waiting period.

Chad Banken

Our attorney will strongly defend the agency in this case.

John Barton

We need to ask our attorney to find out how we can do this, not how we can't.

Sue Brignac

These were documents protected by client-attorney privilege.

Mark Gummerson

The reduction to the attorney general is the same one we've applied to every cabinet in our administration.

Brett Hall

I would imagine the judge would like to have a standby attorney.

Abraham Dash

The attorney general could start there and perhaps set something more firm.

David Wald

They say, 'No, no, it's too much paperwork, and the attorney general is not trying to help' and they don't do anything.

Fernando Morones

Our attorney feels they're to blame as well as Cindy.

Tanya Humboldt

They still had not been able to speak with the attorney directly.

Teresa Mower

She would be called to the stand by her own attorney.

Lori Sitler

We asked for an apology or a censure of the city attorney, but we never got anything from the city.

Carol Cox

All that that they were able to say was that the district attorney removed three African American jurors.

Nathan Barankin

Yeah, he's a friend of the governor, but he's also a hell of an attorney.

Chris Klein

His attorney was the biggest cheerleader of this.

Ritch Danner

May I go out and see my attorney?

Susan Mcdougal

She was probably the best trial attorney that office ever had.

Mark Retana

We have assisted the Office of the Attorney General with its probe into the matter.

Lance Clem

When the (attorney general) says what he says, one way or the other, then I'll go with it.

John Moise

They don't have the money to pay an attorney.

Joseph Hurley

I think he just feels it's no more of a conflict for him than it is for the attorney.

Scott Richardson

There's a lot of fun with the idea of the attorney that's now turned to a life of crime.

Ronnie Lindeman

It's just a matter of their attorney calling our attorney.

Vernon Cooper

The city attorney at that time said you couldn't do it.

Michael Holden

He told us he knew of an attorney who handled adoptions and he'd get in touch with him for us.

Don Robinson

My mother is an attorney.

Charlie Rice

I didn't ask my lawyers or the (district attorney) about this. This is something I want.

Pat Russin

I would urge you not to speak to anyone except law enforcement or your attorney.

James Montgomery

As a human being I was incensed. As a defense attorney, I was incensed.

Michael Lambert

Basically all we can do is get a bankruptcy attorney and get in line.

John Cousins

I had hoped to be here in the capacity of town attorney, but I am here as a town citizen.

Dennis Curtin

Attorney General Madigan is very concerned about this, and we'll see where it needs to go from here.

Melissa Merz

The opposition should be more careful and prudent about their accusations. Attorney Lozano is not with the administration.

Gabriel Claudio

We'll wait for an opinion from the attorney general before we make any decisions.

Micah Rasmussen

Little more than a family attorney.

Troy Newman

After six or seven hours with an attorney, he'd be out more money than he lost.

Julie Wheeler

It's been turned over to the U.S. attorney and the military.

Dave Nelson

We're finding the district attorney trying to make hay with it.

Francis O'boy

The attorney was never going to be here.

Jan Thomas

The attorney general couldn't be any more irrelevant to this process.

Spence Jackson

You even lied to your own attorney.

Patrick Wilson

If I were the defense attorney, I would deny it too -- with vigor.

Zulima Farber