Dave Nelson
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"David Earl Nelson" is a former Major League Baseball player and one of the current broadcasters for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team on Fox Sports Wisconsin. During a period in the early 2010 season, Nelson was team's interim radio color commentator over the Brewers Radio Network during road games outside of Chicago while Bob Uecker recovered from heart surgery to repair an aortic valve. He was the team's first base coach for four years prior to the end of his contract. He has developed many players, including Kenny Lofton, Scott Podsednik, Rickie Weeks, and many more.

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It doesn't matter what meet we're going to - when you get on the bus he's the most enthusiastic person there. It's still a big deal to him. It's not passe. It's not old hat. His enthusiasm has not diminished in the least.

We could see that coming on the bench.

I guess we're approaching it with a wait-and-see attitude. I've had some customers say they're looking forward to it, and some say they're dreading it.

Have a lot of potential for increasing collaboration and improving productivity. The challenge is to help enterprises understand how [these technologies] can be used effectively.

The festival also helps to keep alive this music that is historically considered America's contribution to music.

That's the funny thing – no one really knows who's going to enforce this. No one's said here's what you do if someone lights up. Personally, no one's talked to me about how to deal with it.

The government is not in the national ID card business; all the credentials (that the government issues) are related to the government.

It's been turned over to the U.S. attorney and the military.

That's what people are concerned about – check averages. Maybe we get more people, but does it turn into more revenue?