He has opposed similar efforts in the past. I can't see him supporting a tax increase of any kind. He believes Missourians are taxed enough.

The governor remains disappointed in the court actions that compelled the state's involvement.

The House and Senate have the ability to name whomever they would like, but we think the members that we've announced today are people that can bring a lot to these discussions. The members that it has as of right now bring a lot to the table and have a lot to offer our state.

We are still optimistic a deal can be reached with Ford to save it.

We view this as a continuation of what has been a very open and public process. And while we still strongly favor the governor's proposal, we look forward to continuing this dialogue with the General Assembly in the weeks ahead.

The furthest thing from Abraham Lincoln's mind would have been to interfere with the honoring of fallen Confederate soldiers by families, comrades or their ancestors.

It's basically (Thomas') decision when it moves and how it moves. I doubt very seriously anything will happen this weekend.

It is now going to be a statewide board for a school with a statewide mission.

The attorney general couldn't be any more irrelevant to this process.