The whole idea behind this is we're trying to get out ahead of the counterfeiters.

In addition to recognizing the design elements and enhanced security features of the new 10-dollar note, it is important for the public to know they will not need to trade in old notes for new notes. Older-design notes will maintain their full face value.

We were without food, water, electricity.we had to stay outside in parking lot during day and at night we had to sleep in our car.

The people in this community have spent a lot of money on the buildings here over the years, and I think the maintenance and facilities here are as good as any in the state.

(Addressing questions like) Where do I go to get a job, where do I go to get clothes. More importantly local people knowing a central place they can give money and knowing it will get dispersed locally to one centralized shelter.

The security and design features are state of the art and user-friendly. Design elements are symbolic of the freedom we cherish as a nation.

As a human being I was incensed. As a defense attorney, I was incensed.

To get comfortable, she would squat down and rest her rear end on her crossed legs. They would yell at her to get her hands higher on the wall and it became a game.

Counterfeiting is not a big problem.