The market is going to catch on once people realize the value of these tax advantaged programs.

This is a remarkable development for families with children.

They don't have the money to pay an attorney.

You don't have two 18-year-old kids go into a hotel and have a baby without medical training and say he's innocent. He did something wrong, but we're not sure what he did wrong.

More and more people are taking advantage of these plans. They seem to be growing quite rapidly in popularity, mainly because people are just now finding out about them. You still find a lot of people who just don't know much about them.

They were really the model for the savings plans we see today.

The individual with a college savings plan is someone who might otherwise be investing in taxable funds for their child's college education and they'd like to be able to put that money in a tax-advantaged savings account.

A prepaid tuition plan is attractive to a family that just wants to make sure they've paid for the future tuition at a public university and they don't want to worry about which direction the markets are going.

That has become a significant issue to worry about in many families, since that custodian account is owned by the child.