Doug wasn't very easy to get along with.

We know that when guests are familiar with Disney stories and characters they will enjoy the park even more, and want to come back again.

I did talk to somebody one time who said he was Doug Wood.

Sales in China are going really well. We're getting a lot of interest. We're very excited.

Hong Kong Disneyland will have the classic Disneyland design, ... combined with cultural adaptations that enhance our storytelling and guests' enjoyment of the wonderful entertainment that awaits them.

He told us he knew of an attorney who handled adoptions and he'd get in touch with him for us.

[John Robinson also told him the baby's name was Tiffany, he said.] We named her Heather Tiffany Robinson, ... That was the name her mother had given her, so we wanted to keep that in some way.

Buffalo is way ahead of the curve. We're one of the leaders in the nation in pay for performance, because we've been doing this for 10 years or so.