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Yield not to evils, but attack all the more boldly.


That could have prevented the terrorist attack. But they weren't fulfilled.

Alexander Torshin

This is where people go to pick up arms, train and come back to attack from.

Suliman Baldo

We're attacking them once a week.

Jorge Rodriguez

I think it was a targeted attack, and we are investigating.

Niaz Siddiqui

New Mexico's block really affected our attack in the third game.

Nikki Best

We were led by a very good seam attack.

Daniel Vettori

We can't exclude a terror attack.

Ilham Amirov

The only way she could win would be to repeatedly attack her fellow Republicans. She doesn't want to win that way.

Mark Weaver

I was having a heart attack and then went into cardiac arrest.

David Levine

We don't 'attack' anybody. We are only for ourselves.

Anssi Vanjoki

You attack life and I'm passionate about golf.

Scott Draper

We definitely wanted to pressure them, attack and get them on their heels.

Dwayne De Rosario

That kind of attack is what they believe of themselves. I don't know what else they would say.

Ronnie Earle

Without a plan, there's no attack. Without attack, no victory.

Curtis Armstrong

There is a lot more attacking (in the wishbone) than in the I.

Steve Howard

It is sad to see the leader of the Muslim community attacking the gay community.

Peter Tatchell

We just kept telling them to attack, attack, attack.

Garrick Phillips

She was attacking the ball unbelievably.

Richard Jarrett

If it was up to the Palestinian terror groups they would try and attack us every hour of every day.

Genmoshe Karadi

There was no apparent motive for the attack. It doesn't seem related to religion.

Raphael Bergeron

She seems to work in one mode, and that is attack mode.

Larry Stillman

They deliberately wanted to incite that much anger from the Taliban, so that the Taliban could attack them, smoke them out.

Stephen Dupont

We need to be more assertive in the attacking third and maybe we'll be more successful that way.

Andy Nelson

From eyewitness accounts it appears that it was a suicide attack.

Riffat Pasha

I don't know if they will want to attack.

Guus Hiddink

We don't do the initial attack. When locals say, 'We're going to need you on this one,' that's when we go.

Traci Weaver

Nat picked up two quick ones and they were attacking her well. It was just one of those things.

Paul Gerycz

That's where we're at right now. We're not really aggressive attacking the basket. We're settling.

Mario Elie

I thought this was an attack on the rule of law, and there should be a legal response.

Justice Anthony Kennedy

Imminent attack unfolding in front of your eyes.

Kelly Mccann

We're going to have our hands full on the perimeter, but we're going to try to attack them, too.

Katie Gearlds

We knew they are preparing a very big terror attack.

Ana Palacio

There is a chance that the same bear would attack someone else, so I hope they do catch him.

Lynn Rogers

I just thought we were more aggressive tonight. We just kept attacking and attacking.

Kevin Bookout

Now he's trying to attack, going for it more.

Jorge Lopez

This is an odious and appalling attack on ordinary people.

Nigel Dodds

Truthfully, our main game plan every week is to run our 16s and 17s, and then adjust to how they're attacking us.

Rich Braham

There are flocks of vultures attacking newborn calves.

Greg Rose

There is nothing more silent than an attack at sea.

Davis Bunn

I have no doubt at some time there is going to be another attack.

Patrick Kennedy

The secret of what we do with this spread attack is that you have to be able to run the ball. It (also) helps if your quarterback can run a little.

Michael Mcclure

I agree with everything you say, but I would attack to the death your right to say it.

Tom Stoppard

There's nothing religious in the attack.

Major Gamal Hayudini

I think it would be irresponsible to speculate at all that this was some sort of attack.

Glen Mathison

In the course of the attack she shouted out to her husband `I am bleeding'.

Richard Horwell

This is the worst attack on Jerusalem that has ever happened.

Avi Pazner

It was definitely a big gut check for the attack. We had to step up as a group.

Jon Birsner

That is ... a big market for us to try and attack and win from our esteemed BT colleagues.

Jason Ellis

I almost had a heart attack. But I was home in time for supper.

James Myart

It became the focus of a denial of service attack.

Aisling Macrunnels

We just didn't finish the game and attack the rim. We could have won, and we should have won.

Joe Voelker

We're going to be attacking Malone from the beginning of the trial to the end of the trial.

Jerry Bernstein

We had a balanced attack.

Keith Jennings

We're not done there, ... We're finding stuff, and we're attacking that stuff.

John Stufflebeem

They did a good job of attacking us after that.

Chico Furtado

South Africa is not getting ready to attack anybody and defeat them.

Mosiuoa Lekota

We do not think another attack is inevitable. But we do think that they will try. Our job is to stop them.

Ray Kelly

This is a terrorist attack in which law enforcing agencies have been targeted.

Riffat Pasha

It was spectacular. It has a lot of attacking football and went from one end to another.

Gerard Houllier

The evidences we have collected show that it was a suicide attack.

Niaz Siddiqui

No indication leads us to believe it was an attack.

Laurent Vibert

Internet freedom is under attack.

Timothy Karr

All they do is attack.

Jay Carson

They deliberately wanted to incite that much anger from the Taliban so the Taliban could attack them. ... That's the only way they can find them.

Stephen Dupont

There is nobody you can go around to get to somebody else. You have to go out and attack and be careful at the same time.

Jon Garland

It basically caused him to have a minor heart attack.

Peter Banko

Clearly, this is a coordinated attack against Apple's dominance in the digital music arena.

Aram Sinnreich

That was a very sophisticated attack; the nature of it was novel.

Tom Leighton

I think it's a great attack we have.

Brandon Stockton

This is an attack against competition, against the interest of consumers.

Mariano Rajoy

It could have been an accident or it could have been an attack from the exterior.

Jose Bono

The way he's batting he could bludgeon any attack.

Mathew Sinclair

It's another group attacking the Howard government. What's new?

Chris Kenny

With jobs you can attack social exclusion.

Thomas Shannon

Stay inside, we're under attack.

Norman Fisher

Only the player with the initiative has the right to attack.

Wilhelm Steinitz

He's been their attack dog for a good number of weeks.

Bill Daley

For whatever reason, sometimes we don't attack the basket, and we need to attack the basket aggressively when it's there.

Troy Wells

If it means that if there's another attack, we were just unlucky. If there's another attack, it means we messed up.

Mia Bloom

We're not there to sneak-attack, we're just there to make sure it's right.

John Legge

It's a lifestyle that's under attack.

John Nelson

DEFENCELESS, adj. Unable to attack.

Ambrose Bierce

It seems to be designed as an attack on civil unions.

David Schwartz

There is always more spirit in attack than in defence.

Titus Livius

The team is looking really good, ... They're really balanced and attacking well.

Pat Straub

We had a lot of time off, so we felt them out before we started to attack.

Art Thomason

Oh! Do not attack me with your watch. A watch is always too fast or too slow. I cannot be dictated to by a watch.

Jane Austen

More traumatic than the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Brendan Sullivan

It's all or nothing now. Do not expect wild attacking. There's too much at stake.

Tomas Rosicky

We did a better job of attacking the zones. Not only that, but Reuben was huge.

Jesus Galindo

He's attacking the strike zone.

Bob Apodaca

Once we smell blood, that's when we attack.

Anthony Nelson

He was very, very physically aggressive toward me. He was very animated ... I don't know why he had a heart attack.

Brian Hunsacker

When you have an advantage, you are obliged to attack; otherwise you are endangered to lose the advantage.

Wilhelm Steinitz

As catastrophic as a nuclear attack would be, it would be self-contained.

Henry Crumpton

I honestly believe England have got the attack for all conditions now.

Darren Gough

We're going to attack. We're going to play football. We came here to play.

Dan Hawkins

After my heart attack I thought, is this it?

Ranulph Fiennes

My concern is we're attacking the detectives in front of the media.

Andy Miller

If you want to conduct an attack, you will find what you need on the Internet.

Rita Katz

She did a good job of attacking.

Janie Cofield

We are definitely intrigued by the circumstances in which the attack occurred.

Lucie Morillon

We had to be aggressive and attack. That was my whole mindset going into the game.

Quentin Thomas

He just gave them another guy who could attack the basket and score. That was big for them.

Kyle Cerfoglio

I was a virgin until I was 18, and then my first - if I told you who my first was you would really have a heart attack.

Brooke Burns

England have got to attack us, they have got to get their first win.

Stephane Henchoz

These people are attacking me personally.

Joe Boylan

One reason computers are so vulnerable to attack is that they are all the same.

Stephanie Forrest

That's fine by me, to have suspense, to see people daring, attacking.

Christian Prudhomme

We have had only one report from the field on this attack.

Dan Hubbard

They think it was a heart attack or a stroke.

Patricia Bryant

We should do it because they condoned the attack on the USS Cole.

David Grange

The attack occurred as the convoy approached a crowded bus stop.

Genmarc Dumais

Those who are attacking him are not even fit enough to tie his shoelaces.

Milorad Vucelic

This was an unwarranted and vicious attack.

Gloria Allred

We see some things on film that we can attack. We just have to go out and do it.

Kyle Tatum

We spread the attack out well. We've got a lot of good hitters and we try to set them all.

Diane Tuller

There doesn't seem to be anything that really led to the attack.

Steve Martarano

If they attack us, we will retaliate.

Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe

I have learnt a lot about my body since my heart attack. I don't drink as much now as before.

Gerard Depardieu

Their attack was probably more balanced. They're at their best when they're balanced.

Mark Slonaker

Our forwards were able to outrun them easily. I think we just had a better attack than they did.

Amber Smith

What you're seeing is a little more balanced attack than we've seen in the past.

Bill Mallory

Besides, teams are less attacking now.

Just Fontaine

I'm not attacking the substance, I'm attacking the approach. It's got some good language in it, but it's not his job to do this.

Frank Puente

[Jay-Z, 29, is accused of attacking Lance] Un ... more than once in the back with a knife.

Q tip

There is no response from the US on our protest lodged after the missile attack.

Tasnim Aslam

I told our guys we had to have a balanced attack.

Frank Russo

This attack will not impact the visit of President Bush .

Sheikh Rashid

The important part was the attack.

Terry Lash

They started sagging, and we didn't attack.

Stacy Pendleton

I don't know who carried out this attack and why.

Shah Zaman

This is not an attack on the Princess of Wales.

Penny Junor

This is a completely reckless terrorist attack.

Alan Fry

When I tackle, I try to attack like somebody did something to my parents.

Chris Gamble

It will be much easier to attack them.

Ken Bacon

Denmark needs goals so it will probably attack a lot and make things dangerous for us.

Olof Mellberg

We had no defenses for a zero-day attack.

John Loyd

It's a marvelously subtle attack.

Clay F. Richards

That's relevant now that they are attacking us directly.

Patrick Dillon

I thought he was going to have a heart attack over it.

Bob Carroll

He's still a power guy and he'll attack people that way.

Dave Righetti

I would not attack the faith of a heathen without being sure I had a better one to put in its place.

Harriet Beecher Stowe

I think the key was our middle attack. Caroline and Stephanie did really well and we were able to mix up our attack.

Bob Rogers

We couldn't score. We didn't attack their 3-2 zone very well.

Jon Strebe

The attack on the bus is hate speech, plain and simple.

Jacob Reitan

...my toy guy is going to have a heart attack if we push that one through...

Todd Mcfarlane

Any decision we make today is not a personal attack on anyone. This is not personal.

Cheryl Palmer

The attack against her also hurt society.

Goeran Persson

We started shooting better and started attacking offensively and defensively.

Doug Galloway

It was just a feeling I've never had. It won't be my career. I won't let it be that. I just have to attack the rehab, and it will be OK.

Damon Stoudamire

There is high probability that it was suicide attack because we were on very high alert.

Rauf Siddiqui

It frightened me. I thought he was having a heart attack.

Robyn Robichaux

The attack couldn't get going.

Kristin Mccleese

I don't think they were attacking me. I think they were going to their guy.

Al Harris

We got a lot of calls (from people) about woodpeckers attacking their mailboxes.

James Myers

That's not it. After the first attack, they start analyzing it and say, 'I'm not going to do that again.

Margaret Summy

It is very hard to protect our soldiers from a suicide attack.

Antonio Martino

What triggered it was the attack against the trains in the Madrid suburbs.

Francois Heisbourg

He would not have had this heart attack if it had not been for this drug.

Christopher Seeger

We are horrified by this attack on innocent people.

Paul Spiegel

It's a very deliberate attack against the voice of working people.

Art Pulaski

The attack, if it comes, could come anytime after the afternoon and the evening of the 5th.

Ken Dunham

It could have been an accident or an attack. The causes have not been fully clarified.

Jose Bono

Why attack God? He may be as miserable as we are.

Erik Satie

We didn't play the knee attack for laughs.

Elizabeth Searle

It is a full-frontal attack on our revolution itself.

Zwelinzima Vavi

It was a suicide attack.

Zahir Azimi